COVID-19 | Paris, confined. Berlin, heartbroken. Restlessness in Germany


Mass flight of Parisians from the French capital in the hours before the entry into force of the new confinement decreed by the Executive to stop the increase in COVID-19 infections. An effective confinement from this Saturday and that will affect a third of the population of this country of 67 million inhabitants for a month.

The intensive care units of Parisian hospitals are overflowing. Around a hundred seriously ill patients from COVID-19 have been transferred this week to other territories with a lower incidence and level of hospital occupancy.

Meanwhile, vaccinations continue at a slower rate than expected. About 6 million people have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Restlessness in Germany

In neighboring Germany, the authorities do not hide their concern about a new exponential increase in infections. The Health Minister said on Friday that the third wave is real, and the prestigious Robert Koch institute predicted a wave of deaths and hospitalizations like the one that shook the country last Christmas.

The German Chancellor wants to speed up the vaccination campaign. At a press conference, Angela Merkel announced a measure that other European Union countries have already adopted:

"The motto is to vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate. That is why we have agreed that family doctors also vaccinate and join the great work that doctors, paramedics, etc. are already doing in the vaccination centers."

Italy vaccinates again with AstraZeneca

Italy has reopened several vaccination centers where the AstraZeneca preparation was administered. Like other European countries, this one cautiously suspended its use after registering several cases of thromboembolism in recently vaccinated people. After analyzing the data, they have concluded that the preparation of the Anglo-Swedish company is totally safe and that it carries many more benefits than risks. Now we must restore trust to the public:

"I have not yet booked a time to get vaccinated," said Prime Minister Mario Draghi. "My age group is now among those who can be vaccinated and, yes, I will do it with the AstraZeneca one. My son put it on the day before yesterday in England, so there is no doubt (about his safety)," he said.

Boris Johnson points to the record

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also leads by example. On Friday he received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. That same day, the United Kingdom inoculated 660,000 people, a daily record in the European country that has vaccinated the most people. At least 27.6 million have received the first dose of the preparation against COVID-19.