Criticism of Biden and Trump's appreciation of Georgia's new election law that limits voting.

source: nytimes

President Joe Biden has asked for a law approved by the Republican governor of Georgia halting voting on atrocities. The new rule rigidly limits early voting and mail, which hits the African-American community, which tends to use this form and vote primarily for Democrats. For former president Donald Trump, the new regulations result from "the parody of the 2020 presidential elections."

If there were doubts about whether Donald Trump's influence would last beyond his time in the White House, that question has already been answered with Georgia's new law.

The rule that restricts voting in the state is in line with the former president's allegations without proof that there was an alleged fraud in the elections last November, and they were stolen from him.

Among other restrictions, the measure requires strict identification terms, bans voting by mail, gives legislators the power to carry local elections, and increases the initial voting period for all second-round polls. 

The suppression of vote by mail affects the African-American community, representing a third of the state's population, and overwhelmingly uses this modality to essentially vote for the Democratic Party.

The legislative alarm progress celebrates historic victories a few months ago, both presidential elections, which he had not won since 1992, and two Senate seats. The Conservatives had helped reduce the majority in the upper house. Now there is a tie of 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats.

Restricting voting by mail was one of former President Donald Trump's outstanding requests, after seeing his attempt for reelection frustrated by alleging an alleged fraud. However, it was ruled out due to lack of evidence in the different states' courts where he filed demands.

Joe Biden, the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in three decades, has accused Republicans in this and other states of wreaking havoc on voting rights. It's sick. What annoys me is how un-American this whole thing is. 

The president stressed that it is "an atrocity" after comparing the restrictions for the second day in a row with the racist 'Jim Crow' laws, which were put into effect in the southern states in the decades following the United States Civil War between 1861 and 1865 to legitimize the secession and suffrage of African American citizens. 

In a statement, Trump praised the conservative movement in Georgia. They acquired from the imitation of the presidential election 2020. He said It could never be permitted to occur again.

The Republican Party under Donald Trump has changed in such a way that it can never be reversed: promoting the complaint, ignoring the truth, and continuing the story that Trump's voters were not counted. 

Georgia's law is part of this battle, "Ben LaBolt, an adviser to former President Barack Obama, told The New York Times.

Republicans fight back

Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed the new law. He was intimidated by Trump for not supporting the effort to reverse the election results that gave his opponent Joe Biden the victory.

Following the president's remarks, Kemp began a report in which he replied that the law "guarantees the election's integrity.

He said there is no such thing as a 'Jim Crow' for absentees to require a photo or a state-issued ID to vote. All Georgian voters must do so in advance if they vote in person; President Biden, the left, and the media nationals are set to damage the votes' virtue and safety. 

Other Republican-controlled state legislatures are enforcing voting restrictions in electoral battle states, including Florida and Arizona after former President Donald Trump repeatedly blamed his loss on Biden on massive voter fraud without evidence.

In a Reuters / Ipsos poll last February, 62% of Republicans said they were "very concerned" that the election was tainted by ineligible people casting their votes.

Actions against the new voting law

The civil law groups' coalition filed a lawsuit against the state in federal court in Atlanta just hours after the law was enacted, arguing that the measures were intended to make it is more complicated for people, especially black voters, to choose their ballots. 

The lawsuit led by Marc Elias says these provisions are unwarranted because they have had a severe and unfair impact on voting. 

Marc Elias spearheaded the party's electoral legal efforts last year and described the group 'Black Voters Matter.  

For his part, the US president said it is not clear what the White House could do about this law. However, he assured me that the Justice Department is "taking a look.

Additionally, he again urged Congress to pass Democrat-backed legislation requiring automatic registration, expanding absentee voting, and moderate voter identification laws. But these projects have so far been primarily stymied by Republicans in Congress.

Republicans control 30 of the country's 50 state parliaments and, in recent weeks, have passed or are considering laws restricting the right to vote, which could put Democrats at a loss in the coming elections to examine the power of both the executive and Congress.