Cruz Azul defeated León and is the new Champion of Champions of the MX League.


The Machine won 2-1 to the Fiera with a double by Jonathan Rodríguez to add the second title of the Juan Reynoso era.

The Machine of Cruz Azul can boast a new official title. Thanks to two goals from Jonathan Rodriguez, Juan Reynoso box won his third trophy of Champion of Champions after beating the Club León 2-1 inclusive suffering extraordinary atmosphere at Dignity Health Stadium in Los Angeles.

In a game full of emotions, goals, and expulsion, the cementing team continued its good winning streak and won a title that it had not achieved since the 1973-1974 season.

A brace by Cabecita Rodríguez in minutes 60 and 67 allowed the sky blue team to enter a comfortable facet of the game; However, Yoshimar Yotún complicated the process of the game after receiving an expulsion at minute 80 and allowed León to close the gap.

With an original goal from Santiago Ormeño at minute 82, the "new" León led by Ariel Holan put the cement behind in serious predicaments and nervousness seized a large sector of the fans present in the building; however, the final push was not enough, and those led by Juan Reynoso won the trophy.

In addition to the two goals from Jonathan Rodríguez, the participation of Santiago Giménez throughout the match stood out, assisting in the second goal for Cabecita and confirming the good feelings he left at the end of the previous season.

On the other hand, the match was the scene for some signings of both teams to be officially presented. Luis Ángel El Quick Mendoza played his first official match with Cruz Azul, while on the side of La Fiera , Santiago Ormeño and Omar Fernández saw their first minutes dressed as Panzas Verdes .

In addition to the expulsion that Yoshimar Yotún suffered 10 minutes from the end, the last seconds were tainted by a three-minute review in the refereeing video that led to another red card, after Santiago Giménez was left lying on the grass due to an attack by Fidel Ambriz.

Luis Enrique Santander determined the expulsion of the León player at minute 96. He consumed the last bars of the game, so the team from the shoal could not have the last chance in the face of Jesús Corona's frame.

This defeat is the first after the departure of Ignacio Ambriz from the Leonese team, who lifted the club's last title in Guard1anes 2020 against Pumas and who gave him the ticket to contest the Champion of Champions trophy this summer.

The last time that Cruz Azul won this title was 47 years ago when the cementing team was league champion for the fifth time and had to face the then Mexican Cup champion, Club América, who had previously won the final cupbearer tournament.

The match was played on the Azteca Stadium field on May 26, 1974, where goals from Juan Ramón Ocampo and Eladio Vera at minutes 55 and 85 turned the azulcrema score scored by Sergio Ceballos in minute 20 ′.

That cement generation was led by Miguel Marín, Javier El Kalimán Guzmán, Fernando Bustos, and the historical strategist, Raúl Cárdenas , who commanded the last dominant Blue Cross of titles within Mexican soccer, as he garnered 11 championships as a celestial coach.