Cruz Proposes Term Limits Within Days Of Congress’ Return—Will His Fellow Elected Officials Agree?

source: Steemit

The legislatures in Washington didn’t let any moss grow under there feet as they hit the ground running in 2019.  One of the first orders of business was the proposal of a constitutional amendment on Thursday that would create term limits for all members of Congress, both in the Senate and the House.  With this amendment, the days of holding a congressional seat would no longer be a “career job” as some have made it, having held some seats to the tune of decades now.

The proposal is being presented jointly by both Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Republican Rep. Francis Rooney.  There is also co-sponsorship being given by Sens. Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and David Perdue, and if the amendment were passed, would hand down some very strict term limits.  The amendment would put into place the limit of two six-year terms for Senators, and three two year terms for House members.  

This is not the first time such a constitutional amendment has been proposed.  In January 2017, Senator Cruz proposed a very similar amendment, but at that time it never did get the traction it needed to survive.

As for why Cruz is making a second attempt on the amendment, simply put he stated that with the introduction into law of term limits, the abuse of power that has resulted in the elected officials ignoring the will of the people, and the overall brokenness that is Washington, will be able to move back towards what the founding fathers had envisioned.  He went on to state that it is long past time for Congress to hold itself accountable.

It would seem, even though last time around the amendment didn’t gain the traction it needed, this time may be a totally different story.  A 2020 presidential hopeful, Representative Beto O’Rourke, called for term limits early in 2018.  Even President Trump is in favor of congressional term limits, having tweeted about that very subject in April 2018.

What is interesting is that those who say that Cruz has ulterior motives may want to look at the facts first.  Under the terms of the amendment, Cruz who has held his seat for two terms now, would not be able to re-run in the next election.  However, Rooney, who was first elected in 2016, would be able to run and seek two more years in the House.  Either way, the main proposers would be limited shortly to their continued services in Congress, if the amendment were to pass.

Are term limits the way to go to help clean out Congress?