Cuban-born Republican Francis Suárez was re-elected as mayor of Miami.


The local president was also a commissioner twice and is the son of the former mayor of the same city, Xavier Suárez.

Thousands of voters in cities in southern Florida (USA) went to the polls on Tuesday without any reported incidents to elect mayors and commissioners (councilors), including Republican Francis Suárez, of Cuban origin, re-elected councilor of Miami.

Suárez, elected mayor of that Florida city in 2017, achieves a second term at the helm of his town with 20,816 votes counted, 79%, according to preliminary figures released by Local ten television.

On Twitter, Suárez limited himself to reproducing what the Florida Politics account said: "Miami Mayor @FrancisSuarez overwhelmingly wins reelection."

Suárez, who previously served two terms as commissioner and is the son of the former mayor of the same city Xavier Suárez, managed during his tenure to get many technology firms to settle in Miami, although his detractors criticize him that in his desire to transform the city In a pole of innovation, it has put aside some of the residents' needs.

"We have not changed our services to ordinary people in the city," he defended himself, then added that "it is about ensuring the future of young people," as reported by the Miami channel Telemundo 51.

In Miami-Dade, some 50,000 people have already voted in this electoral process through early voting or by mail, according to the Department of Elections of this county. However, this year, the early voting has decreased, according to local media.

Another city of this distinction that elected a new mayor is Hialeah, with a Cuban majority. Five candidates ran to replace the outgoing Carlos Hernández. The winner was Esteban Bovo, with 12,837 votes in his favor (59%).

According to the same source, mayor Dan Gelber won his reelection in touristy Miami Beach with 7,742 votes (62%).

Gelber was also involved in a campaign for the city's bars and restaurants to close at 2:00 a.m. and not at 5:00 a.m. as is currently the case, an issue that residents will comment on the ballot.

The residents of the cities of Sunny Isles Dana Goldman were also elected with 930 votes (41%). In comparison, voters in Homestead gambled by Steve Losner (1,693 votes, 51%).

At the federal level, voters in Florida's 20th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of southern Broward and Palm Beach counties, determined in a primary, with more than a dozen applicants, the candidates from both parties who will run on 11 January to choose who will replace the Democratic congressman Alcee Hastings, who died last April.

The winning candidates were Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (Democratic Party), with 10,913 votes, and Jason Mariner (Republican Party), with 3,344. In a general sense, according to local media, many registered voters did not go to the polls, perhaps due to a rainy day in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

The postal voting has become more prevalent in South Florida; he outlined Local 10. On this national day, other states will elect mayors and governors, focusing on Virginia, where polling stations were the first to close their doors Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. local time (23:00 GMT).

The polls show a tie between the Democratic candidate for the Interior, Terry McAuliffe, and the Republican, Glenn Youngkin.