Daily Mail Accused Of Publishing Misinformation—Was It Really Chinese Supplied Information?

source: Pixabay

A popular British publication that is widely read in the United States currently has its feet put to the fire.  The publication reported a massive amount of articles on the coronavirus over the last few months, that as it turned out, was derived from information provided by China's communist party's official newspaper as well as several other China generated propaganda mills.

In an investigation conducted a foundation of the Daily Caller News, evidence showed that the Daily Mail had published an estimated thousand of articles in the recent months that was part of an agreement of content-sharing the publication had entered into with People's Daily.

Over recent months, the publication had reportedly cited the news outlets of the Chinese government-owned and ran outlets extensively when it came to coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.  However, it is unclear whether this particular agreement is still in place.

One example of this content-sharing occurred Monday when the Daily Mail published an article with the eye-grabbing headline:  “Beijing’s leading doctor warns of a NEW coronavirus outbreak in China after the country reported it’s first case of someone ‘catching the illness from a person returning from abroad.’”

With a massive 1.1 million shares across the expanse of social media, the story cited information from Li Lanjuan, a head Chinese government doctor, provided to People’s Daily and China News, both of which are government-controlled news outlets.

When it comes to how the Chinese government handled the spread of the coronavirus pandemic within their borders, they have been accused of a major coverup.  The virus was said to have been contained but had already spread outside of the Wuhan province as early as November 2019.

Beijing has also been accused by health experts of not being forthcoming and truthful in regards to data pertaining to the actual number of cases, as well as deaths, in Wuhan and that of greater China.  This is felt to have been done in an effort by Chinese officials and those outlets that are state-controlled and is believed to have been an attempt to shift the blame for the virus onto others.

Those nations that China is attempting to shift the blame to is both the US and Italy, as those countries are currently the most intensely hit by the virus.  James Jay Carafano, a foreign policy expert connected with the Heritage Foundation, says: "The problem is, how do we know if we can trust their numbers at all?  All we know is that they'd lied about their numbers before."

Do you think that the Daily Mail was reporting false information provided by the Chinese government?