Deck announced goodbye to his first win in Oklahoma. Campazzo already knows Denver's rival in the playoffs


Deck announced goodbye to his first win in Oklahoma. Campazzo already knows Denver's rival in the playoffs: his best plays at the end of the regular NBA season.

Tortu celebrated the victory against the Clippers, while Facu's team fell to Portland, which will precisely be his rival in the next phase.

The regular phase of the NBA came to an end with mixed luck for the Argentines, who participated in the world's best basketball league. While Gabriel Deck celebrated his first win in Oklahoma, Facundo Campazzo already knows his rival in the playoffs.

In a marathon NBA day with 15 games, Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 117-112. Gabriel Deck said goodbye to the regular season with his first victory. The santiagueño contributed 6 points (3/4 in field goals and 0/1 in triples), one rebound and three assists, one loss, and one foul in 18:13 minutes and left the Los Angeles team a fourth-place where they were he would see in the next round against the Dallas Mavericks.

Oklahoma took advantage of the absences of two of the Mavericks' top figures: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. In this way, the Thunders were able to take good advantage. Tortu played almost seven and a half minutes in that first half and showed some pearls that characterize him like a great back pass or gypsy penetration.

Even though there was a greater parity in the last quarter, Gabriel Deck's team was able to ratify what was done at the beginning of the game. It took a great victory by 117-112, the first for the Argentine since he arrived in the NBA.

For his part, Facundo Campazzo played nearly 14 minutes in the Denver Nuggets' 116-132 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. Precisely, the cast of Cordoba will face Oregon in the playoffs again.

Facu contributed 2 points (0/3 in field shots, 0/2 in triples, 2/2 in free), two rebounds, two assists, one steal, and one foul in 13:43 minutes. It was a very uphill first half that the Colorado team had to face as the Blazers went into halftime with a 43-22 lead.

In the second half, the Denver Nuggets could do little even with the entry of their top figures, who, thanks to the assured playoff qualification, took the opportunity to rest. It was a 132-116 loss.