Delta cancels about 100 flights; some middle seats open.


The airline says it has offered more than 1 million passengers in the past few days, the most significant number since the coronavirus outbreak last year.

On Sunday, Delta Airlines dropped more than 100 flights due to staffing shortage and made some middle seats open a month ahead of plan to bring more passengers.

The airline notes that it has served more than a million passengers in recent days, the highest number since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic last year.

The airline said in a statement. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. Most people are already scheduled to travel on the same day.

Delta has taken steps to increase the capacity of its flights, including making center seats available on Sundays and Mondays in an effort to provide more passengers.

On Wednesday, The airline stated that in May, it would stop preventing the sale of center seats from starting. In April last year, the move was made to maintain maximum distance between passengers, with the company's CEO reiterating that the process was a factor in boosting confidence in the airline. 

The company said the seats would once again be made available to the public as people fly again and more and more people are vaccinated against the Cove 19.

Delta said center seats would remain open only on Sundays and Mondays, and the time to block seats for sale remains in impact.

When necessary, seats could be filled with the aim of getting passengers to their destination on the same day.

Delta teams are working on a variety of factors, including staffing issues, a large number of vaccines among employees, and the fact that pilots are returning to activity. The airline said in a statement. The vaccine had harmful side effects for some employees.

The websites of the three Delta hubs showed 33 dropped flights on Sunday. There were 11 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, three more at Minneapolis-St. Paul, and 19 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

On Wednesday, The company said that about 65 percent of people who traveled with it last year are supposed to receive at least one dose of the new vaccine by May 1. That gave Delta the security to end seat limitations, he said.