Demi Lovato Deletes Twitter Account After 21 Savage Immigration Joke: Did The Backlash Go Too Far?

Demi Lovato is leaving Twitter after making fun of 21 Savage's immigration problems. Social media did not spare her and mocked her drug use. Was this too much?

source: Eonline

Pop singer Demi Lovato has decided to quit social networking platform Twitter after sharing an inappropriate joke that did not really land with her followers.

On Sunday morning, rapper 21 Savage was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia by ICE agents for allegedly being in the country illegally.

The surprising report shocked everyone online, and the serious topic quickly became a joke and a source for hilarious memes on social media.

Lovato, a proud liberal and supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016, decided to react and join in with the pranksters. She tweeted after the 21 Savage news broke, "So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl."

When some people started blasting her, she hit back with, "If you're gonna come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with something original not involving drugs."

And when the exchanges got too heated, she deactivated her account after posting this, "F*** Twitter. This is why I don't tweet anymore. FYI this is the s*** I'm laughing at.. not the fact that anyone is getting deported."

Lovato also took things to Instagram after leaving Twitter and offered a semi-apology after getting bashed by famous people like Wale.

She wrote: "I know that's not a joke.. not have I EVER laughed at that,' she wrote. 'The meme I posted/was talking about was of him being writing with a feather pen. Sorry if I offended anyone. But it's no excuse to laugh at someone's addiction let alone their OD."

The incident has a lot of people talking because the immigration debate is a serious issue and the fact that someone like 21 Savage is in this situation gives more coverage.

On the other hand, making fun of Lovato's drug and alcohol problems is also unnecessary and a bit cruel, according to her defenders. Lovato recently celebrated six months of sobriety.

21 Savage has been living in the country illegally since 2006 when his visa expired. However, a drug-related charge from 2014 complicated his case and made it possible for ICE to target him.

Was Lovato's apology enough? Is 21 Savage's situation a laughing matter?