Democratic insistence to link budget and infrastructure bills has resulted in costly costs for Biden

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Over 70 days ago in over 70 days ago, the U.S. Senate handed President Biden the biggest victory of bipartisanship ever -an infrastructure bill that will provide $550 billion of new spending and $1 trillion total for transit, highways as well as broadband, water and water.

"This significant investment in infrastructure is exactly what I think you are, the American citizens, are looking for -- and have been seeking since a long, very long time. This bill shows us that we can collaborate," Biden said on August. 10.

Since it was introduced, the bill been unable to pass the House because progressives insisted that it not be passed prior to the more costly, and much more partisan legislation on human infrastructure -- which would cover preschool all-inclusive pre-K and health insurance and climate change spending.

All of it as a leverage game.

Biden sets his agenda while talks on infrastructure get bogged down

OCT. 21, 202102:09

However, with the second bill's compromise price now reduced by $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, and the key climate clause seemingly discarded and the senator. Krysten Sinema, D-Ariz. refusing to pay the possibility of higher taxes for wealthy and corporations to pay for all this it is time to consider:

Did delaying the bipartisan victory on hard infrastructure really been worth it?

Does it really strengthen the progressivism's hand in talks?

It has also ensured that the past two months were so much about the congressional process as the policy?

As we've mentioned before One of the most important aspects of this debate is that Democrats have the smallest of majority in both the Senate as well as the House -- something that was expected to give Senators. Sinema as well as Joe Manchin, D-W.V. an outsized role in these negotiations.

"Lyndon Baines Johnson was elected in 1964, with an 155-seat majority in the House and 69 Democratic senators. In 1965 they passed 70 significant legislative pieces," conservative writer John Podhoretz said to one of the viewers of "Meet the Press" on Sunday.

"If you visit the Johnson Library There are 70 pen pens lined up. That's the Great Society. Joe Biden has a majority of, no one even knows. Are they three? Do you think it's five? Are you four in the House as well as an even fifty-to-50 Senate."

Another important fact for Democrats is that failing isn't an the option; Democrats need to pass something about infrastructure that is hard to construct, and also on the climate, education, as well as health insurance.

The issue we face today is whether the dual-track system is worth the effort.

Bolting to Baltimore

After praising both legislative legislation -- hard infrastructure as well as human infrastructure in his home town from Scranton, Pa., Biden was elected president. Biden is scheduled to attend an CNN town hall event in Baltimore to discuss the measures.

The live broadcast begins at the time of 8:00 p.m. ET.

Virginia in addition to Biden's approval rate

Are Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead in Virginia's governor's race by five points, as the Fox News poll showed? Is it even tied? Monmouth was?

Or is it somewhere in the middle? Or, all of the above? depending on errors, margins, various pollsters and samples?

Our suggestion: Make sure to take note of what the President's job satisfaction is in these polls.

According to the Fox poll Biden's rating for his job in Virginia was above the water, in the registered voter category at 50 percent, and 50 percent among voters who were likely to vote. What was McAuliffe's voter percentage in that poll? The answer is 51 percent of likely voters.

However, in the Monmouth survey, Biden was under water at 43 percent registered voters in a state where he was able to win at a 10 point margin for 2020. beating 54 percent to 44 percent. McAuliffe's vote in this poll? 46 percent.

The bottom line is that for McAuliffe for this election, as well for Democrats during the midterm elections next year Much is dependent on the state of Biden's rating for the job.

The higher the number the higher, the better McAuliffe does. The lower it gets the worse for Democrats.

When Election Night, pay attention to where Biden's approval score has been in exit polls.

For today's activities in the campaign, with just two weeks remaining, McAuliffe appears with Democratic Governor. Ralph Northam and his wife at 1:15 p.m. ET in Richmond when they cast their votes early in the morning, and McAuliffe organizes an event later tonight with vice president Harris on the outskirts of Dumfries, Va.

The Youngkin campaign announced they will begin the tour bus the night of Saturday, at Henrico County (outside of Richmond).

Tweet of the day

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45,267,809: This is the amount of cases confirmed of coronavirus that have been confirmed in the United States, per the most recent information obtained from NBC News and health officials. (That's the same number of cases as yesterday's morning.)

735,052: The total number of fatalities across the United States from the virus as of now, according to the most up-to-date data provided by NBC News. (That's 2162 more than what was reported yesterday's morning.)

419,189,737: This is the number of the total doses of vaccine administered across the U.S., per the CDC. (That's an increase of 750,750 since yesterday's morning.)

11,246,668: This is the number of booster doses given throughout the U.S., per the CDC. (That's an increase of 320,104 since yesterday's early morning.)

57.1 percent: This is the percentage from all Americans who have been fully vaccinated according to the CDC.

68.6 percent: This is the percentage of all Americans older than 18 who have been fully vaccinated according to the CDC.

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