Democrats Still Say No Wall As They Propose New Bills To Re-Open Government—Will It Work?

source: Tracy Few

On Monday, the Democrats will be offering a package of bills that they are hoping will lead to the end of the current government shutdown.  However, nowhere in the package will there be funds for the building of Trump's wall between the United States and Mexico.  This bold move will, in itself, test the waters, and could very well set a precedent, that will give a close look at the upcoming power dynamic in Washington.

The new Congress for 2019 will convene today, and when it does the House is ready to vote.  This vote is the first priority for the Democrats, after having taken control of the House in the recent mid-term elections.  

Democrats, now under new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will most certainly move the two proposed bills quickly through the House, as part of their promise to end the government shutdown as swiftly as possible.  The shutdown, now in its second week, needs to be resolved and the government needs to get back to work according to Democrats. 

The sticky part of the Democrats plan is whether or not, after swiftly moving the bills through the House, the Republican-led Senate, specifically Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will consider either bill.  Then there is the question of whether or not President Trump would indeed sign them into law.

The package of bills that the Democrats of the House will be offering does not contain the $5 billion in funds that Trump requested, which he was originally denied, and lead to the shutdown of the government. 

 The Democrats still are not budging on the funds, which Trump wants to earmark for the building of a southern wall between the United States and Mexico.  Trump says the building of the wall was a campaign promise that he intends to follow through on.

A spokesman for Senator McConnell stated that McConnell wanted to make it perfectly clear that they will not take any action that does not receive Trump’s backing.  In short, they are not going to send him a bill that they know he will not sign off into law on—preventing the wasting of their time and his.

The Republicans senators have stated they are refusing to vote on any bills until all sides involved, including President Trump, are in agreement.  Senators are still frustrated at Trump for dismissing their legislative section which could have prevented the government shutdown.

Do you think the two bills will pass without the money included to build the wall?