Denver Teachers Strike Over Pay Gets More Attention After Students Go Wild In Viral Video -- Did It Help The Cause?

Students at Denver’s East High School blasted music and danced in the hallways during a teachers strike over pay. A video brought more attention to the issue.

source: USA Today

A high school in Denver erupted in an impromptu dance session after it was announced that teachers across the city were going on strike. 

This is the first time in over two decades that the local education system has been forced to halt in such a manner, and it looks like the city as a whole is not at all prepared to deal with the situation.

Students do not seem to mind what is going on though. The lack of adults has prompted some younger people to dance in the corridors, playing loud music and having a party throughout the day.

A student named Matt Pence explained: "It was chaotic. There wasn’t much control. The substitutes were trying as hard as they could, but there were just too many people. We were playing Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power’ and also some Migos. It was getting pretty rowdy in there."

That did not last long, however, as the school was eventually forced to eject the students due to the rowdiness of their act. 

Some are still questioning why exactly the students had to leave in the first place, as school officials deny any involvement in their removal.

East High School Principal John Youngquist tried to reassure in an email that read: "We are thankful that all of our students are safe and we are interested in ensuring the continued safety of our students. If you are concerned that your student has walked out of school and you have not had contact with them, please contact us right away."

With the students out of control, a lot of attention has been brought to the issues of the city’s teachers. 

It looks like their plan is working out so far, as there have been active discussions about the implications of their current strike. 

Unfortunately, no resolution has been proposed yet, and it is not sure if the two sides are going to reach an agreement anytime soon.

Some students have taken the opportunity to express their views on the situation, standing behind their teachers’ strike. 

Overall, there has been a surprising amount of support towards the teachers coming from students themselves, and it looks like many young people understand the difficulty of their profession.