DHS Makes Formal Request Of More Troop Deployment On The Border—Will It Happen?

source: ABC News

According to NBC News, three unnamed United States officials recently reported that additional US Troops will be heading to the United States-Mexico border, in an effort to repair an estimated one hundred sixty miles of fencing. 

 The military troops are a result of a request for more combat engineers to install additional sections of concertina wire.  They were also requested in order to provide more aircraft and crews to provide additional transportation sources for CBP officers. 

The request for additional troops was made by the Department of Homeland Security to Patrick Shanahan, current Acting Secretary of Defense.  The request will have to be reviewed by Shanahan, and he will have to determine if and how to act on it. 

 The request was possible due to the Department of Defense not being included in the current partial shutdown of the government.  As for the cost of the fencing repairs, those would come out of the annual budget of the Pentagon.

  Back in late October, the Trump administrations announced plans to deploy thousands of additional active duty troops to the border, in response to the migrants that were caravanning across Mexico at the time. 

Since arriving, the troops have been aiding the US Customs and Border Protection efforts, lending a hand in surveillance, reinforcing border barriers, providing additional medical support, and working on temporary housing.  

Many of those active-duty troops who had been deployed in late October have returned home.  However, an estimated 2300 of those initial troops are still stationed on the border and are expected to remain there until at least the end of January.

However, several sources close to the administration told NBC News that if the requested additional troops are sent, then there is a possibility that the deployment could be extended to as late as September.  It would all depend on if the Pentagon designates the troops as active-duty or National Guardsmen.

The DHS made the request, understanding that the standoff between Trump and the Democrats could drag on for a while, and in the meantime, the immigrants are still making their way across Mexico from Central America.  Trump continues to try and convince the Democrats that the border wall is a true national emergency.  The Democrats do not see it that way, however.  

Those caught in the middle, the American People, are who will be the ones to feel the effects sooner than later. 

Department of Defense officials stated that Shanahan’s decision will come sometime next week.

Do you think the additional troop's request should be granted?