Diana Ross Goes Angry At the Airport - Does She Have a Point?

source: Flickr

In a series of tweets, the soul legend Diana Ross complained of a female TSA officer who left the singer "feeling violated" during the security check at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport on Sunday morning 

The soul queen who still performs live was in town for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The Grammy winner pointed out that while people in New Orleans usually treated her like a queen, the TSA agent almost left her in tears.

Ross described the pat-down search the TSA agent performed on her as ''over the top!!!'' It was not the security screening as such, the singer emphasized, but the way it was done. 

In a series of emotional tweets, the iconic singer described her experience as a violation as she could feel the agent's hands all over her body. Although the TSA worker explained she was doing her job, it did not help Ross, making her feel uncomfortable and leaving her with ''mixed emotions.''

In a follow-up tweet, Diana Ross said that although she was a positive person who is always trying to spot the good things she was not feeling good at that very moment at the airport.

The 75-year-old Motown icon explicitly pointed out that she was not upset by Delta airlines or their crew but by the TSA security agent.

A TSA spokesperson responded to the singer's complains in saying that the initial screening of CCTV shows that the security officers involved in Mrs. Ross security checks followed all protocols by the book. However, TSA would continue investigating the issue, the spokesperson confirmed, asking Diana Ross to contact TSA for further clarifications.

Later Sunday morning, Ross uploaded a video from her performance of ''Stop! In the Name of Love'' pointing out she was feeling better.

It was not the first time when Diana Ross had issues with airport security officers. In 1999, she was detained for four hours at Heathrow Airport in London. Back then she accused a female security officer of touching her breast during a pat-down. 

Talking to the press after the incident Ross commented that the airport security guards would never touch the intimate parts of a man.

Diana Ross recently expressed her public support for Michael Jackson following the extensive allegations of child sexual abuse against him. Ross and Jackson had known each other for many years and even had duets together. Ross called for an end of criticism of Michael Jackson as in her words, he was ''‘a magnificent incredible force.''

Do you think that Diana Ross overacted about the TSA security screening?