Dick's Sporting Goods Park vaccination site closes quickly after some side effects.

source: denverpost.com

Health officials closed the mass COVID-19 vaccination site at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City on Wednesday afternoon after 11 people suffered adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and two were taken away in hospitals in the region for observation.The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released a statement Wednesday evening stressing that the side effects experienced by patients at Dick's Sporting Goods Park - including nausea and dizziness - were "consistent with what we're doing." could be expected" and that the decision to close the site early was made by an abundance of caution.

 the health department said in a press release, The state has no reason to believe that people who were vaccinated today at Dick's Sporting Goods Park will be affected.

Kevin Massey, spokesperson for Centura Health, which manages the site with the state's health department, said the number of people with adverse reactions was 0.8% of the 1,700 people vaccinated on the site Wednesday.

State health officials noted that "in most cases the discomfort caused by fever or pain after receiving the vaccine is normal."

 Massey said., We followed our protocol and very carefully decided to suspend the operation for the rest of the day in partnership with the state.

Massey said in a statement, Medical staff at Dick's Sporting Goods Park site "determined that two people needed additional observation" and were taken to area hospitals.

Paramedics at the scene treated the other nine people with juice and water, state officials said.

By Wednesday, the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system had recorded ten reactions at community mass vaccination sites in Colorado, according to the state's health department.

"We are committed to providing safe community clinics, and we are so grateful that the clinic has properly observed and helped patients today with immediate side effects," said Scott Bookman, COVID-incident commander. 19 state, in a press release. We know this can be disturbing when people hear about being taken to the hospital, and we want to reassure Coloradans that the CDC and public health are monitoring all licensed vaccines at all times.

It is safer to get vaccinated with CoVID-19 than to get seriously ill, Bookman added. This is why I received the vaccine and why I wanted my family to receive it. Based on everything we know, it is true that the best vaccine you can get is as soon as possible.

The 640 people who were turned back on Wednesday were postponed for vaccination at the park on Sunday, Massey said. Those now scheduled for Sunday will receive the first of two injections from Pfizer, as the drugmaker's vaccine was previously scheduled to be used that day, state officials said.

Anyone who receives a COVID-19 vaccine should wait 15 minutes afterward to see if there are any side effects.

Massey said, Our goal is to continue to vaccinate Coloradoans as soon as possible, putting the safety of our patients first.