Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Go Too Far While Slamming The Amazon Deal? Bil De Blisio Claims She Misunderstood It

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still getting criticized over her position on the Amazon's deal. AOC is defending hersel while trying to move on.  

Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Go Too Far While Slamming The Amazon Deal? Bil De Blisio Claims She Misunderstood It438
source: Slate.com

Bill de Blasio, current mayor of New York, claims that he is not impressed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her recent actions involving Amazon.

The company has decided against building a new office complex in Queens, a project that would have been beneficial to multiple parties if it was successfully implemented.

Ocasio-Cortez had some reservations about the whole idea which she expressed on several occasions, but according to de Blasio, her assumptions on some points are just wrong.

He pointed out the $3 billion tax incentives as one example, stating that Amazon would have opened 25,000 new positions in the city and would have generated almost $30 billion in revenue.

The main issue from the side of Ocasio-Cortez was the fact that a company like Amazon did not need extra tax breaks in her eyes, and the government would be better off using that kind of money to fund public projects instead.

It is also worth noting that de Blasio did not reference Ocasio-Cortez by name directly, merely commenting on her views regarding the proposed $3 billion tax break.

He explained that the tax break would have only kicked in after Amazon had completed their part of the deal, providing the city with the necessary revenue and jobs listed in the initial agreement.

De Blasio explained: "I have no problem with my fellow progressives critiquing a deal or wanting more from Amazon — I wanted more from Amazon, too. The bottom line is, this was an example of an abuse of corporate power. They had an agreement with the people of New York City."

He continued with: "They said they wanted a partnership, but the minute there were criticisms, they walked away. What does that say to working people, that a company would leave them high and dry, simply because some people raised criticism?"

The situation has drawn attention from multiple sides and has been a major debate for some time now.

AOC remains firm on her position and does not seem affected by recent statements similar to the ones made by the controversial mayor.

The mayor of NYC is reportedly thinking about running for president in 2020. If he does, it seems that he is unlikely to get the backing of the liberal rising star.