Dillon Shane Webb, Who Became An Internet Star After Getting Jailed For 'I Eat A-' Bumper Sticker, Needs Help To Pay

Dillon Shane Webb, the man, who was jailed for driving around with a "I eat a–" bumper sticker, needs help to pay his legal fees after the charges were dropped.

Dillon Shane Webb, Who Became An Internet Star After Getting Jailed For 'I Eat A-' Bumper Sticker, Needs Help To Pay766
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A Florida man recently became famous on the Internet for sporting an "I eat a**" sticker on the back of his car.

Authorities ordered the man to remove the sticker from his vehicle, and when he refused, he was arrested -- at which point many expected that he would back down and the situation would be over.

That was far from the case though, as it looked like Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was planning to stand his ground and defend his right to bear the sticker on his car.

The man claims that he was facing a fight bigger than the bumper sticker itself -- he saw this as a matter of principle in the name of freedom.

He added that he does not actually follow through with what the sticker says, as he has not committed the sexual act in question himself.

However, he still defends the rights of those who do and wants them to enjoy their freedom of expression as well.

Webb added that hewas going to fight for his right to free speech, and he believes that he was standing for an important issue.

Meanwhile, many people have come out to comment on the situation, mostly in a humorous tone.

The incident has generated a lot of controversies, and it has also drawn attention to certain issues that actually do warrant a more in-depth discussion, according to some observers.

In the meantime, Webb is still facing a steep legal bill over the incident even en after authorities said they were not planning to proceed with the charges against him, according to reports.

The man is trying to raise money online off the incident to pay his legal fees.

He stated: "It is all over the news and we would like to have this get some more traction as there to help him pay for his cost of having to pay for a 2500$ bond, over 200$ for having his truck towed, time from missed work and to pay for a lawyer to represent him against this Sheriff for standing up for his rights as well as yours."

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