Donald Trump accused Alec Baldwin of deliberately shooting Halyna Hutchins: "Maybe he loaded a gun."


Donald Trump accused Alec Baldwin of deliberately shooting Halyna Hutchins: "Maybe he loaded a gun."

The former president of the United States lashed out at the actor, known for impersonating him on Saturday Night Live TV. The reaction of the protagonist of "Rust" on Instagram

Former United States President Donald Trump has claimed that actor Alec Baldwin deliberately shot HalynaHutchins.

The actor was on the set of the movie "Rust" in New Mexico when he received a gun that police say killed the cinematographer and injured screenwriter/director Joel Souza.

"In my opinion, he had something to do with it. When you pick up a gun, loaded or not, you point at someone who's not even in the movie and pull the trigger, and now she's dead ... "he told Christ Stigall's radio show. And he continued: "Even if it was loaded and you know ... That's kind of weird, maybe he loaded it ."

"Who would put a gun: 'Here Alec, here's your gun,' 'oh well,' he would stand up, the point at a person, and pull the trigger. And, 'Oh man, a bullet came out,' she's dead. So something's wrong with him. He's a sick guy, "he said.

The former US head of state also criticized Baldwin's behavior with the press. "I watched it for years. He gets into fights with reporters. I mean: everything he does is characteristic of a volatile type. He's crazy, "he argued before criticizing the way the actor handled the situation.

"If they handed me a gun, I would never point at someone and shoot, you know. So I don't mind checking the weapon. They give you a weapon that you are not going to point at anyone, "Trump continued while saying that instead of Baldwin, he would have pointed into the air.

Trump also referenced Baldwin's impersonations on the sitcom "Saturday Night Live," especially while he was in charge of the US presidency. "He was terrible imitating me," he launched.

This Saturday, the actor published on his Instagram account a photograph of a newspaper article published in The Wrap that contains the title: "Trump makes a reckless claim that Alec Baldwin intentionally shot the director of photography of 'Rust.' " He added no comment.

Lawyers for Baldwin's gunsmith believe the accident may have been "sabotage."

Hannah Gutierrez Reed's lawyers, the gunman on the set in which Alec Baldwin accidentally killed Halina Hutchins, are believed to have tried to sabotage the recording by putting live ammunition in the studio.

"I think someone who would do that would want to sabotage the set, they would want to prove something, they would want to say that they are upset, that they are not happy," lawyer Jason Bowles theorized during a live interview with NBC's "Today" program.

The armory spokesman confirmed his assumption that there were some members of the team who protested the day before the accident, allegedly because of the conditions in which they were operating and the fatal shot. A few hours before, a group of camera men left the studio. .

"There were people who left because they were unhappy.

And there was a period, between 11:00 and 13:00, approximately, in which the firearms were unattended, so there was an opportunity to alter the scene, "Bowels justified.

Robert Gorence, another gunman's lawyer, explained that his client was also a seat supervisor, making it impossible for him to be aware of the weapons during the break, despite being the last responsible for the weapons in the study.

In addition, the 24-year-old girl's lawyers explained that she did not need to be present at the trial where the accident occurred because it was a camera test that did not use weapons in principle.

The lawyers insisted that Gutierrez Reed loaded the pistol with bullets in a box labeled "fake ammunition" and that she never put real shots in that container or know how they got there.

Last week, Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Mendoza said that he had found about 500 rounds of ammunition, including a mixture of "blank cartridges, fake bullets, and real bullets. "

Gutierrez Reed's performance is of particular interest in the investigation being carried out by the authorities of New Mexico (USA) since he is one of the two people who handled the weapon before it reached Baldwin's hands.

Second, Assistant Director Dave Halls admitted Wednesday that he did not check the gun properly before handing it over to Baldwin, using the slogan "Cold Gun" to confirm this in Hollywood terms. Used firearms are in good condition.—downloaded for use.

While the official investigations are progressing, other details have been known, such as that assistant was fired from another filming in 2019 for a similar incident. However, fortunately, he did not injure anyone.

The bailiff has stressed that "no one is out of the question" of being able to incur criminal charges.