Donald Trump Claims Democrats Were The Reason For Failed Talks With North Korea's Kim Jong-un In Vietnam -- Is It True?

Donald Trump is trying to shift blame for the failed summit with North Korea. POTUS is charging Democrats for what happened in Vietnam. Will he win this?

source: PolitiFact

The leader of the free world likes to take credit for positive headlines like the economy, although the current trends started under the Obama administration.

However, when things go south, he always blames the other side of the political spectrum.

U.S. President Donald Trump was recently very critical towards the Democratic Party, blaming them for the breakdown of the nuclear summit in Vietnam involving North Korea. 

According to Trump, the way the Democrats treated Michael Cohen could be seen as the main reason the talks went wrong. 

This came not long after Trump claimed that he had had to walk away from an unfavorable deal presented to him by Kim Jong-un.

This all came out in a tirade on Twitter, in which Trump specifically targeted the party and the congressional hearing that was held last Thursday. 

POTUS wrote on Twitter: "For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the crucial Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the "walk."' Trump said on Twitter. 'Never done when a president is overseas. Shame!"

The hearing had a lot of Democrats ask questions regarding Trump, and critics scrutinized the credibility of Mr. Cohen as a whole.

Many have expressed their criticisms towards Trump and the way he acted in Hanoi, claiming that the president is now trying to shift the blame for his actions to others falsely. 

In the eyes of some, Trump was the main reason for the communicational breakdown at the summit, and his decision to leave early without any advance warning has been widely criticized recently.

According to Trump, there was indeed some disagreement at the summit, but it was not the main reason talks went in the wrong direction. 

The president claimed that he would only accept full denuclearization, while at the same time he was just offered a partial deal. 

He did not want to accept that or budge on his position in any way, which was likely what led to the abrupt ending of the negotiations, and the current state of those talks. 

Do you think Trump is right or wrong for blaming Democrats for the failed summit?