Donald Trump Claims He Is Doing Well On the Border, Attacks Ann Coulter As A "Wacky Nut Job"

Donald Trump, in a shameless attempt to turn the focus away from his troubles, launched a vicious attack on Ann Coulter who calls him weak on immigration.

Donald Trump Claims He Is Doing Well On the Border, Attacks Ann Coulter As A "Wacky Nut Job"501
source: The Atlantic

U.S. President Donald Trump continues to defend his immigration policy, claiming that he has been doing very well at the border, despite the wave of recent criticism that he has had to face.

The president specifically targeted his words against Ann Coulter, who has been an outspoken critic of his policies in recent times.

Trump referred to Coulter as a “wacky nut job” when explaining how he was “winning on the border” in a series of tweets.

Mr. Trump revealed: "Wacky Nut Job @AnnCoulter, who still hasn't figured out that, despite all odds and an entire Democrat Party of Far Left Radicals against me (not to mention certain Republicans who are sadly unwilling to fight), I am winning on the Border."

He added: "Major sections of Wall are being built and renovated, with MUCH MORE to follow shortly. Tens of thousands of illegals are being apprehended (captured) at the Border and NOT allowed into our Country. With another President, millions would be pouring in. I am stopping an invasion as the Wall gets built. #MAGA."

He explained that there is currently major work along the wall, with many successful results so far, and more to come in the near future.

He added that many illegal immigrants have been successfully apprehended at the border and will not be let into the U.S.

The former reality TV star finished off by implying that there’s an ongoing invasion into the U.S. and that he has been working hard to stop it.

Some have pointed out that no new sections of the wall have actually been erected during his time as president, casting doubt on his claims that he is actively involved in any current solutions to the immigration problem.

The president’s actions towards the country’s southern neighbor have been widely discussed, with many criticizing him over his policies and his focus on stopping immigrants instead of helping them out.

Trump himself has stood by his position and has continued to insist that he is working in the right direction to help the country in the long run. The upcoming presidential election in 2020 has drawn even more attention to his policies, with many actively opposing his decisions recently.

Do you agree or disagree with Trump's views on the border?