Donald Trump Counts On Sean Hannity Amid Backlash After Shutdown Fight Against Nancy Pelosi -- Can He Keep Base Happy?

Donald Trump is losing support with some right-wing supporters, but Sean Hannity is not letting him go and is begging others to do the same. Will it work?

source: Raw Story

The Donald Trump-triggered government shutdown is over and so might be the honeymoon and blind trust with many high-profile media personalities like right-wing commentator Mike Cernovich, anti-immigration activist and conservative commentator and

Coulter stated: "Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States."

However, the love is not all dead, because Mr. Trump will forever have the unwavering support of Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

While Nancy Pelosi climbed up in the polls and is being elevated as a hero by members of her party, conservatives are lashing out at Trump for ending the government shutdown and failing to secure funding for a border wall.

On Friday's episode of the  

According to Mr. Hannity, POTUS will find a way with or without the Democrats to erect his much-hyped wall on the southern border.

Hannity addressed his fellow Republicans who turned their backs on the president by stating:  “ conservative friends that are mad at the president for allowing Congress three weeks to do their job make a deal on immigration and open the government in the interim.”

Hannity went on to say: “Do you believe for one second, do you really believe the president has stopped his full-on fight over the border wall that he has promised? Has he not shown he is a tenacious fighter when it comes to keeping his promises?”

The cable TV star concluded with: “Don’t let what is what I believe to be a shift in strategy fool you. Because I don’t have any doubt at all that the president is going to fight as hard if not harder for the money for the wall.”

Hannity strongly believes that Trump will keep his campaign promise by declaring a national emergency to obtain the money if necessary.

The White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders is also going after Trump's critics who claimed he caved in.

Sanders insisted that Trump has not capitulated “because the negotiations are still ongoing. I would argue that conservatives who actually have influence supported the president throughout this process.”

Do you think Trump will bounce back after this shutdown?