Donald Trump gave his support to Marco Rubio for his reelection in the United States Senate.


The statement definitively rules out the possibility that Ivanka Trump, daughter of the former president, sought to compete for the seats occupied by the son of Cuban immigrants.

With very few public appearances and without the platform that social networks gave him -especially Twitter-little has been heard about Donald Trump since he left the United States' presidency on January 20.

However, the former president plays a decisive role in US politics, especially within the Republican party. Using the high flow of votes obtained in the 2020 elections - more than 70 million - Trump seeks to influence the direction that the now opposition will take for the future. The first determining event will take place in 2022 with the legislative elections.

Along these lines, the former president has given his support to various candidates throughout the country in recent weeks. The most recent was for one of the country's highest-profile senators: Marco Rubio. He next year will seek his third term as one of Florida's two representatives in the Upper House.

The news has different edges. In the first place, Trump is living in Florida, so Rubio would represent the papers' former president. But above all, it is news because the relationship between the two politicians was not always the best.

During the 2016 Republican primaries, the two clashed hard. Rubio was the second-to-last candidate to cancel his campaign before Trump took the party's nomination. And during the course of the campaign, cross attacks occurred almost daily. There were personal insults and even public ridicule, but everything seemed to be in the past once Trump arrived at the White House.

Rubio was one of the people with the most access to the former president during his four years in the White House, and as a senator at the head of various committees - such as the influential judicial committee - he became a trusted voice for the then president. Many say that Marco Rubio is responsible for Trump's foreign policy towards Latin America, which has won so many votes from President Trump in communities such as the Cuban-American and the Venezuelan-American.

They also had their differences. Although Rubio voted against convicting Donald Trump in the last political trial that was carried out for the violent incidents in the seizure of the Capitol on January 6, it was one of the Republican votes in favor of the trial being carry on, something the toughest Trump players still scold him for.

As a result of that vote and Ivanka Trump's move with her family to Florida, the rumor grew that the daughter of the former president would seek to take over Rubio's bench in 2022. Two months ago, Ivanka and Rubio had shown themselves together, claiming to be friends, but the rumor persisted. In mid-February, The New York Times reported that the former president's eldest daughter would not compete for the bench. And this Friday's announcement seems to rule it out entirely.

Marco has been a tireless campaigner for Florida residents, fighting to lower our taxes, defending our Second Amendment, advocating for our military and veterans, for strong national security, and all those forgotten Americans. Together we have worked for the Cuban-American and Venezuelan-American communities, achieving great progress," says President Trump in his statement supporting Rubio.

For his part, the senator thanked the former president for his support for his campaign.

"I am grateful for President Trump's support and for his leadership on issues important to our nation, including the threat from China and the need to bring good jobs back to our country. Democrats are trying to undo all that we have accomplished in four years," Rubio said in his statement of thanks to Trump.

Everything would indicate that Rubio would have no problem getting his reelection next year without a strong opponent to oppose him.