Donald Trump: YouTube will allow Donald Trump Back only When Threat of Violence Falls

source: Image by Gerd Altmann

YouTube'CEO said that if the risk of 'real-world violence' declines, YoutTube will reactivate the suspended account of Donald Trump.

Susan Wojcicki said the organization would look at government alerts and divisive rhetoric and determine whether the suspension would lift safely.

Remember that Mr. Trump's account was suspended after the Capitol Hill riot, which resulted in five deaths on 6th January.

"It's pretty obvious that the likelihood of conflict continues to be high right now," the YouTube president said on Thursday during a meeting with the Atlantic Council.

Ms. Wojcicki explained that the former president's behavior on the forum has not resulted in his account's complete suspension.

YouTube uses a three-strike strategy, with an account, is automatically deleted if it receives all three strikes within three months or 90 days.

However, Mr. Trump's account suspension was the first strike on his account in January.

Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Trump's former personal attorney, was hit with his second strike this week for saying the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

A first strike usually results in a seven-day account suspension, but Mr. Trump's has been extended due to the continuing threat of assault.

The former president was de-platformed through several social media sites after many pro-Trump protesters assaulted the US Capitol building on January 6th.

Mr. Trump's Twitter account was deactivated, and his Facebook account was removed.

The Facebook Oversight  committee is currently considering if the suspension can be made permanent, although it is unclear whether they will decide.

A total of 221 people have been charged with crimes in connection with the riot.

Since leaving office, Donald Trump has stayed quiet. This is partly due to the fact that most of his social media accounts have been banned.

It's curious to see how the big social media platforms have handled Donald Trump.

However, Twitter blocked Trump's account ultimately, and there's no way back for him.

He's been blocked on Facebook pending a vote by the company's "independent" advisory committee. In principle, their decision will be final.

And now we know that if the likelihood of aggression falls, YouTube will lift its suspension, but this is a subjective factor.

It means that Donald Trump has a chance to redeem himself on social media.