Don't fight anymore and forgive: Michelle Obama's message to Meghan and Harry.

source: REUTERS

It was not a surprise for the former first lady that Meghan complained about racism within the royal family. Still, she believes that it is time to forgive and heal the wound, and that is why she asks the dukes to do so soon.

For the first time yesterday, Michelle Obama spoke about the explosive interview the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave Oprah Winfrey a week ago. The former first lady told on NBC in an interview that will air today Tuesday, in which she says she prays for love to be reborn. The crisis among members of the royal family to be resolved. Harry and Meghan must forgive. He added that there is nothing more important than family.

As is already known to all, Meghan and Harry confessed to Oprah a week ago that someone from the royal family had asked questions about the color of the couple's children because Meghan was biracial. The above denotes a sample of racism within that family. On top of that, Harry said that his father, Prince Charles, had stopped answering his calls and cut off all financial aid.

Everyone has expressed their opinion on the subject. But many, like Boris Johnson, refrained from doing so in order not to screw up. Michelle Obama, who along with her husband Barack are friends of the couple, took another path and did not hesitate to advise them to be filled with love and solve this problem sooner rather than later. The former first lady was invited to the network to speak about her program on the Netflix platform to promote children's series.

During the presidency of Barack Obama, Michelle managed to establish a relationship with Prince Harry and later with Meghan, who praised her social work. Therefore, he felt the need to talk about the issue. Although he revealed that he did not find Meghan's complaints of racism surprising, he expressed that his only wish is for the family to reconcile. Racism is not a new construct in this world for people of color, Obama said, so it was not a complete surprise to hear her speak of those feelings. 

The royal family is angry with what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said. Prince William spoke succinctly but forcefully a few days ago about the royal family not being racist. The British press has done nothing but denies or at least specifies the details of the interview. Among the confusions that the dukes say they have is that they did have help from the palace to introduce Meghan into royalty. Yesterday it became known that a senior member of the church denied that Meghan had married three days earlier in a private ceremony, as the duchess had said in that interview. The archbishop said it was only an exchange of vows but not an official ceremony.

On top of that, Harry was denied that his father never took him out for a bike ride in his assertions. The truth came out when a photo was published of the four of them, Diana, Carlos, William, and Harry, on bicycles when they were little. Although no details were given, it can be seen that it is a family outing like those of any other family.

Although she did not verbally express her support for either side of the race, Michelle appeared to be more on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex side. However, she asked them to put resentment aside. She said she hoped that the gap between the family would close because what we have first is the family, and if they do, they could teach a lesson at this time for everyone.

It is a good recommendation. The queen has already shown signs of peace by saying that they will always be loved within the family. Now is the time for them to show compassion, one of the words that the dukes promote the most, representing the axis of their charitable work. After all, you have to apply what is preached.