Drake Bell turns 35: Star scams that could end in jail.

source: today.in-24.com

This time is not the first in which the famous protagonist of 'Drake & Josh' has serious problems with American law.

On June 23, singer Drake Bell pleaded guilty to two crimes against a minor that could mean that the protagonist of Drake & Josh is jailed. This June 27, in the middle of the great controversy, the actor turns 35 years old.

The arrests were made earlier this month in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Still, Bell pleaded not guilty at the time. Finally, this week, they agreed to commit crimes of trying to endanger children and spreading harmful material.

Even though July 12 is the scheduled date for the final sentence, the possible sanctions that the actor could face having been circulated, ranging from a few months in prison to considerable fines.

This news shocked the entertainment world. Drake Bell is one of the most recognized and loved youth series actors worldwide, especially for his role as "Drake Parker" in the famous Nickelodeon series. However, it is not the only controversy that Bell has starred in.

The spectacular accident in 2005

On December 29, 2005, just a year after filming for Drake & Josh began, the actor was in Los Angeles driving his '66 Ford Mustang with a friend.

At a stop, the singer of I found a way to observe how a truck did not stop and continued its march at speed, which caused a terrible accident since the car he was traveling in did not have airbags.

Due to the impact, Bell suffered a neck fracture, broke his jaw in three different places, and lost seven teeth. He had to undergo surgery to reconstruct part of his face.

Drunk driving and speeding arrests

In September 2015, the Yours, Mine and Ours actor was arrested in Los Angeles for speeding but exited by paying a $ 2,500 fine.

The story repeated itself a couple of months later, in December of the same year. Still, this time he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. On this occasion, the composer spent ten hours in prison and paid a fine of USD 20,000.

In that same year, Bell had an accident in a swimming pool that put his arm in danger, because according to the doctors, he could not play the guitar again. Rehabilitation and discipline saved him, but he made a mistake again months later.

In 2016, the composer of Makes Me Happy was once again at the center of controversy, as he was detained for four days. The reason, again, was drunk driving. This time he had to plead guilty, but the crime led to him being on probation for four years.

"Even after it happened (the sentence), he was still partying," he narrated for an interview in Mexico City in 2018. By that time, the actor considered himself another person who had learned the great lessons of his life.

The love between Bell and Mexico

In 2008, Drake visited Mexico for the first time, as he went to the National Auditorium to offer a concert, where the reception and affection of the fans left him impressed.

Despite the fact that he had shown the immense love he has for the country over the years, it was until 2020 that he began to take it far beyond just a taste.

In 2014, for example, the singer inaugurated an amusement ride in the company of Danna Paola and Eugenio Derbez. On that occasion, he offered an interview for the Ventaneando program. 

He admitted that he fell in love with this country and its people and even declared himself related to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

"I told him to keep his fans safe during his tour, and we would take care of everything.

But, mainly, I asked him for my fans, "he shared in an interview.

For 2019, Bell announced through Twitter that the language he would communicate through his social networks would be only Spanish. He even changed his name to "Drake Campana," in addition to also mourning the death of José José, "The Prince of the song."

That same year, the actor celebrated Independence Day, and when he appeared at the Telehit Awards, he played Cielito Lindo. By 2020, the actor was already based in Mexico and had lived in the country for a long time.

The suicide of Stevie Ryan

Stevie Ryan was an American presenter who was Drake's partner for about two years.

On July 1, 2017, she was found dead in her apartment, and her death was classified as a suicide. In his networks, he had expressed deep sadness for the death of his grandfather.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! Wake me up from this nightmare", was the reaction of the author of I Know, who declared himself completely devastated by the news.

The accusation of Jimi Oto for violence

After the arrest of the Superhero Movie actor, one of the singer's ex-girlfriends named Jimi Oto raised her voice and publicly denounced him for verbal and physical attacks.

Through her personal TikTok account, the singer also said that it was from 2006 to 2009 when both artists began a love relationship. Ono commented that when he decided to go live with him, he was only 16 years old, and after a year, the actor showed his true face.

In addition to insults and yelling, the model also said that Bell dragged her down the stairs of her house. "He hit me in the face on every step of the way down. I have photos of that, "said the influencer.