Drama and mystery: who was the last victim of the Miami collapse whose body still does not appear.

source: www.nytimes.com

A month and two days after the collapse of the Champlain tower in Surfside, they are still searching the rubble for Estelle Hedaya, a 54-year-old businesswoman whose apartment was torn in two.

A little over a month after the collapse of the Champlain tower in Surfside, it has been confirmed that the total death toll is 98 people, of which 97 have been identified -mainly through DNA tests- and their families have been notified.

But in this tragedy that affects so many in the South Florida community, there is a family that remains in the very long wait to confirm the inevitable.

Estelle Hedaya lived in apartment 604 in the tower that collapsed. His family and authorities were able to confirm that he was present at the time of the crash. But his body has not yet been revealed.

At age 54, Brooklyn, New York, made Surfsid her home six years ago. She worked as the director of Continental Buying Group and Preferred Jewelers International, so she traveled a lot. He decided to open a blog from those trips in which he shared his experiences, focusing on food, mixed with motivational phrases.

In addition, she was open about the difficulties she had faced throughout her life due to being overweight. However, in recent years, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, he has overcome it and helped others in a similar process.

In comments posted on his blog over the past month, you can see how his friends remember him and consider him an enlightened person.

Three days after the building collapsed, his brother Ikey arrived in Miami from New York. He immediately. He handed over a DNA sample so that authorities could compare the genetic material with the human remains that appeared in the wreckage. He did this with all the victims, only with Estelle he has not yet had luck.

The site of the collapse has been thoroughly cleaned up already. Tons of debris were transferred to warehouses in the Miami airport area. It is there that forensics continues with the investigation.

For Estelle's family, the wait is getting long. They know there is no hope of finding him alive, but it's hard not to be able to finish the story.

The waiting time is very difficult. Although more than a month has passed, it is difficult for my parents to cope.

According to Jewish tradition, there must always be a funeral. The seven days of dismissal known as shiva must be respected. But this tradition cannot begin without a body. 

Until at least one part of Estelle's body is exposed, the family remains. Although, according to his brother, it is the root of his faith.

I firmly believe that God helped him to reach the best place in his life and then decided that the best thing for him was to give up.

The only thing I regret is not telling her how much I respected her and how much I admired her. How he was constantly improving, no matter how difficult the trials life threw before him. I never believed that there would be a day when I was here, and she was not, "added Ikey.

For this family, not only the wait has been torturous. Estelle's apartment is one of those that was split in the middle. Until the entire building was demolished, the Hedaya had to watch the living room of the apartment still stand. In contrast, the bedroom - where Estelle was presumed to be - had disappeared into the rubble.