Dreamer Selene Saavedra, A Flight Attendant, Finds Freedom After Six Weeks In Detention For Travelling Outside U.S.

Selene Saavedra, a flight attendant for Mesa is learning the hard way, that it not possible to travel outside of the U.S. as a DACA recipient because of Trump.

source: Washington Post

Selene Saavedra Roman, a 28-year-old flight attendant, working for Mesa Airlines, was finally released after spending six weeks at an ICE detention center in Conroe, Texas.  

The Peruvian-born airline worker was detained by authorities for breaking a new rule, according to which the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries are not allowed to travel outside the U.S. borders.

Roman was arrested on February the 12th upon her return in Houston after she had completed her flight with Mesa.

According to the attendant’s attorney, the airline company failed to inform their employee that she was not allowed to leave the country, not even for work.

The ban comes as a result of a new rule that was put in place in recent years under Trump’s administration.

Even though DACA allows for immigrants who came here as children to stay and live in America, it forbids them from ever traveling outside the country, unlike the case under Obama’s presidency. 

The flight attendant was set free on Friday and later described the feeling of being free as incredible.

Roman also issued a statement through her legal representative Belinda Arroyo, saying that she felt thankful for everyone who stood by her side and showed her support. 

After her release, she explained: "Being released is an incredible feeling. I cried and hugged my husband and never wanted to let go. I am thankful and grateful for the amazing people that came to fight for me, and it fills my heart. Thank you everyone that has supported. I am just so happy to have my freedom back."

Roman has been living in the U.S.A since the young age of three when she and her family moved from Peru.

She then graduated in Texas and for a period of time worked as a kindergarten teacher.

However, because Roman’s husband is a US citizen, she applied for a marriage visa and took part in the DACA program when it was launched back in 2012.

Do you support or oppose the Trump rule that forbids DACA recipients from traveling outside of the country?

Did her semi-long detention make sense?