Drone Operators Who Shut Down Gatwick Airport In London Are Still At Large

source: The Verge

After several days of nothing but stress and angry travelers, London’s Gatwick Airport appeared to be running smoothly and on schedule as of Sunday.  The reason for all the stress a few days later was blamed on the appearance of drones, being operated remotely, seemingly by unknown or even unknown culprits.  To add insult to injury, the situation occurred on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Even though law enforcement had arrested two local residents, suspects thought to be involved in the shutdown of the airport due to the drones, those individuals have been released from detainment. 

Sussex police had been hopeful that those individuals they had arrested would put a stop once and for all with the drones that had disrupted the Gatwick Airport, shutting it down on Thursday.  However, the suspects were arrested Friday and then released on Sunday, leaving law enforcement with no further leads at this point.

Tens of thousands of travelers through the second biggest airport in Britain were made to endure very long flight delays, many of which resulted in cancellations, on Wednesday when two drones were spotted fly around the Gatwick Airport in London.  The incident resulted in the suspension of all air traffic into and out of the airport on Thursday.

When asked about the disruption Sussex Chief Detective Jason Tingley stated that they could not rule out further such incidences occurring at Gatwick again, as well as other airports across the UK.  He also made mention of the fact that after the first incident more reports have come in that are most probably mistaken.

“Of course, that’s a possibility.  We are working with human beings saying they have seen something,” Tingley stated to the BBC.

Currently, the investigation is one of a three-pronged process—investigating and tracking all known persons of interest, investigating the current 67 known reports of drone sightings, and finally the examination of a damaged drone recovered in the Gatwick incident.

The damaged drone that was recovered from the initial incident may prove a very important piece of evidence.  There is the possibility that it may actually contain some DNA of the perpetrators who handled it.  Any evidence hoped to be found from the examination of the drone may be little, as the area around the airport got significant rain on Friday before the drone was actually found.

Do you think they will eventually find the drone operators?