Due to security concerns, the United States has said that American citizens should not go near Kabul Airport.

source: guardian.com

The warning comes in the middle of the operation to evacuate US personnel and other nationalities from Afghanistan. The United Kingdom and Australia also urged their nationals to avoid approaching the air terminal due to the "high threat of a terrorist attack.

The United States asked its citizens not to approach or travel to the Kabul airport to fear an attack. The alert came amid the operations carried out by Washington together with its allies to evacuate the Americans and Afghans who collaborated with foreign forces during the war.

Due to security concerns outside the gates of Kabul Airport, we recommend that US citizens avoid traveling at the airport and avoid airport gates at this time. Unless I receive individual instructions from a representative of the US Government to do so, "the US embassy in Kabul reported early Thursday.

U.S. citizens who are at Abbey Gate, East Gate or North Gate should leave immediately.

As part of this, the British Foreign Office updated the travel advice.  It noted on its website that the security situation in Afghanistan is "volatile" and "there is a constant and high threat of terrorist attack."

"Do not travel to the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul," the agency also warned, while called those who were in the vicinity to "get away" to "a safe place" Unless they "get more advice" or leave Afghanistan immediately if they can do so safely in other ways.

The British Foreign Office also indicated that it had suspended all non-essential activities at its embassy in Kabul, leaving aid "extremely limited".

In a similar message, the Australian Foreign Ministry urged not to travel to Kabul airport and leave the area because of the "very high threat of terrorist attack."

The alerts issued by Washington, London and Canberra, came after a "particular stream of threats" was reported on Wednesday from the Khorasan Afghan section of the Islamic State terrorist organization. According to CNN, Washington believes that the enemy group of the Taliban seeks to create chaos in the place.

On the other hand, about 1,500 Americans may be waiting to leave Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken reported Wednesday. This figure indicates that part of the US-led air evacuation from the Taliban-controlled country could be completed before Tuesday when the deadline set by President Joe Biden expires. Meanwhile, thousands of endangered Afghans are struggling to gain access to Kabul Airport.

Blinken said the State Department estimates there were about 6,000 Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan when the evacuation began on August 14. About 4,500 have left the country so far. The 6,000 figure is the State Department's first public estimate of the number of Americans seeking to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country.

"Understandably, some of them are very scared," Blinken told a State Department news conference.

He added that some 500 had received instructions on when and how to go to the chaotic Kabul airport to board evacuation flights.

In addition, they are in contact with about a thousand people, or perhaps less, to determine if they still want to leave the country. Blinken said some of them have already left the country, others may want to stay, and some may not be U.S. citizens.

Of those 1,000 people, the number of those "actively seeking help" to leave Afghanistan "is less, probably significantly less," said the secretary.

The Biden government has indicated that its priority is the evacuation of Americans, even as it tries to remove Afghans who collaborated with the US government or military or in the construction of Afghan civil society during the 20 years of war, as well as those he calls "vulnerable Afghans" - those who believe they will face retaliation from the Taliban for opposing their uprising.

Setting Tuesday's deadline aside, Blinken said that "there is no deadline in our work to help out any remaining American citizens who decide they want to do it, along with the many Afghans who have been by our side over the years and who want to leave and have not been able to do so. So that work will continue, every day, after August 31".

Biden said Tuesday that he asked his national security team to come up with emergency plans if it decides to extend the deadline.

For its part, the Taliban said it would not tolerate any extension of Tuesday's deadline. However, the group's spokesman Sohail Shaheen tweeted that "people with legal documents" could leave the country on commercial flights after Tuesday.