Effervescent OTC Tablet Launches- Blowfish for Headaches

The brand builds cult following for headaches after launching as a hangover cure

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Introducing Blowfish for Headaches, a new OTC headache medicine made of a powerful combo of maximum strength aspirin and caffeine, delivered in an effervescent tablet, that works quickly and is gentle on the stomach. Launching as a hangover reliever, the brand recently added Blowfish for Headaches after gaining a cult following among migraine sufferers for quickly ridding head pain without the side effects of prescription medications. What makes the product unique? It is the only effervescent product specifically formulated for headache pain. Effervescent tablets have been shown to work twice as fast as regular pills.

  • Why effervescents work twice as fast as regular pills and why tablets have been non-existent as a remedy in the USA up until now:

Effervescent tablets work twice as fast as regular pills because the medicine is already dissolved. The solution is readily accessible to the digestive system and passes quickly through the stomach to be absorbed in the small intestine. A peer reviewed study measuring the speed of absorption of various forms of aspirin found that effervescent aspirin achieved a maximum level in the body after about 20 minutes, compared with about 45 minutes for regular pills (Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 21 (1999) 383–392). 

Regular pills have been more popular in the U.S. because people view them as more convenient, but effervescent tablets are more common in Europ. Although they take a bit more time and effort upfront to let them dissolve, effervescent tablets provide much faster relief.

  • How it is proven that caffeine increases the pain-relieving power of aspirin by 40% 

A meta-analysis of 7 placebo-controlled trials published in The Journal of Headache and Pain (Lipton et al. The Journal of Headache and Pain (2017) 18:107) showed that evidence from clinical trials showed that adding caffeine to pain relievers provided a significant increase in efficacy. A similar meta-analysis of 30 clinical studies published in JAMA (Laska et al. JAMA April 6, 1984-Vol 251 No.13) showed that the relative potency of pain relievers when combined with caffeine was an average of 1.4x that of pain relievers alone. 

  • How it is different from Alka-Seltzer with a stronger dose of aspirin combined with caffeine to be more effective, with a better taste

Regular Alka Seltzer, which is marketed as an antacid, not a pain reliever contains 35% less aspirin and no caffeine. Many people complain of the bitter chalky taste of Alka-Seltzer.  Blowfish has a lemon flavor many people compare it to the taste of Sprite.

In regards to the product journey, founder Breanna Haysom says, “The idea came about when we heard from a doctor who was prescribing Blowfish for migraines and said he found it could be as effective as some migraine medications. We saw that many of our best customer reviews were from migraine sufferers as well. Now, we are offering a version specifically marketed for headaches so we can reach these people directly instead of relying on word of mouth from an underground following (and because some people can be sheepish about buying a hangover product).”

Website: Blowfishforheadaches.com

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Blowfish-Headaches-Maximum-Strength-Effervescent/dp/B08KGXHRJC/

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Instagram: @blowfishforheadaches

Bios & Headshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yvceawof4ih6gci/AAA-UI2coYpu1aKP10JCGNdBa?dl=0

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Rally Labs launched in 2010 based on the premise that the world needed a safe and effective hangover remedy, but that none of the established consumer pharma brands were willing to put their brand on a hangover product.  Existing hangover products on the market were dietary supplements with no proven efficacy or safety, so Rally Labs formulated an OTC drug specifically for hangover symptoms. Their other products use the same formulation for different uses – Blowfish for Hangovers (hangovers) and Blowfish Sport (athletic pain reliever with caffeine).