Elizabeth Smart Praises 'Brave' Jayme Closs: Can More Awareness Prevent Some Of These Cases?

Elizabeth Smart is reaching out to Jayme Closs after her case went national. Should more prevention be done in this area?

source: Beloit Daily News

Author Elizabeth Smart penned an emotional yet uplifting message to fellow survivor Jayme Closs who was missing for over three months.

13-year-old Closs vanished from her Wisconsin home on October 15 where her parents -- James and Denise Closs -- were discovered dead.

After almost 90 days missing, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald announced that Miss Closs had been found alive -- she managed to escape her alleged abductor, Jake Patterson.

Patterson has been arrested and the police are not searching for other suspects.

According to the authorities, Closs fled from a cabin last Thursday afternoon where her alleged kidnapper, 21-year-old Patterson, abused and threatened her.

 On June 5, 2002, Smart, who was 14, was kidnapped by Brian David Mitchell from her home in Utah and was discovered nine months later.

Smart, who became a child safety activist, called Closs “brave, strong and powerful” and went on to say: "What a miracle!!! Jayme Closs has been found!!!! I’m so thrilled to hear the news. What has been such a heart-wrenching tragedy finally has some happiness in the story. I’m praying for Jayme and all her family that they can have a joyous reunion and as the rest of the country celebrates alongside this happy occasion we all are mindful to give the family their space and privacy on their road to finding a new sense of normal and moving forward. I have no doubt Jayme and her family will forever appreciate the efforts and prayers of the many thousands of people who contributed and kept them in their thoughts and prayers!"

She then stated: "I hope we may all continue to support and embrace Jayme as she reclaims her life and comes to terms with the reality of her situation. What a brave, strong, and powerful survivor!!!! No matter what may unfold in her story let’s all try to remember that this young woman has SURVIVED and whatever other details may surface the most important will still remain that she is alive. May God bless you Jayme Closs and may we all continue to search for every missing child."

Do you think more can be done to resolve cases similar these faster?