Elon Musk's Brilliant Hiring Strategy: How Tesla and SpaceX Uncover Top Talent.

source: www.inc.com

Elon Musk's Brilliant Hiring Strategy: How Tesla and SpaceX Uncover Top Talent.

The entrepreneur argues that skills matter more than college degrees. Therefore, their companies attract and retain brilliant minds with non-traditional methodologies.

Elon Musk is known for debunking traditional education to source and find the best talent. For him, "college is basically for fun and not for learning. "The entrepreneur argues that skills matter more than degrees. That's why their companies, Tesla and SpaceX, attract and retain brilliant minds without the need for a degree. According to columnist Kelly Main of the middle Inc.com, the hiring process requires two things, which are reduced to one: "Test both hands."

The "Two Hands Test" does select candidates without traditional access controls such as titles. Instead, you rate them through first-hand experience and practical knowledge tests. It is a simple method created so that any company can use it to find the best talent.

1. First-hand experience

For Musk, an experience is a form of education. And in many ways, it is the best education. A report by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), cited by columnist Kelly Main, inadvertently demonstrates the entrepreneur's theory.

The AACU study found that three-quarters of hiring managers believe college education is essential. However, the reason was not based on a specific curriculum, but the acquired "soft skills" that college is said to confer. Unfortunately, these same soft skills (i.e., creativity, emotional intelligence, or resilience) are challenging to assess in an interview and whose development is not isolated from college or student life but real life experiences.

Education is not limited to what is taught in the classroom but to what is learned through first-hand experiences. And for this reason, first-hand expertise is sought as a means to discover talents with deep knowledge. For example, when reviewing applications, consider which candidates have the necessary first-hand experience or require the least amount of training to be successful on the job.

2. Practical tests

Elon Musk has a history of applying engineering processes and strategies to other facets of his business and life. So much so, which is why the billionaire lives in a small $ 50,000 house.

A job interview is a test that many companies simply assess their knowledge instead of examining a candidate's capabilities. For Musk, according to Kelly Main, this is a fatal flaw, as there is a big difference between memorizing and parroting information and understanding how something works.

To test candidates effectively, you need to offer them tests (for example, a task or an assignment) that are as close as possible to what the job title itself can find. To obtain an accurate measure of one's ability to effectively perform the tasks of the position, ensure that the scope of the test is limited to the resources needed to achieve that test or assignment.

The hiring process can be long and tiring. So the faster you can narrow down your candidates, the sooner you can interview, take practice tests and discover the best talent in the world. According to Main, preparing companies for the future means finding strange and effective ways to retain staff and having an effective hiring strategy to attract and discover new employees efficiently so that the business can function.