Elton John Urges Media to Stop with Vicious Reporting on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

source: Pixabay

The music icon Elton John heavily criticized media on Monday for their' 'malicious" coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's private jet travels.

In a personal message published on his social media accounts, the legendary singer said he felt obliged to defend Princess Diana's son and his family from the wave of public criticism during the past couple of days.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, famous for their commitment to environmental causes, faced public shaming for reportedly taking four private jet journeys in 11 days rather than taking commercial flights.

Elton John, who was a dear friend of the late Princess Diana and performed on her funeral, is known to be in the social circle of Prince Harry and his wife. The singer explained that he and his husband, David Furnish wanted to gift the young family a well-deserved vacation in their holiday home in Nice, France.

Considering their safety and tranquility, John and Furnish also provided them with a private jet. As they were familiar with the environmental causes the Sussexes support, the Elton John's family contributed to a carbon footprint fund, the singer added.

In conclusion, Elton John called on the media to cease the ''relentless and untrue assassinations'' on the royal couple's character that are on the front pages almost every day. John also pointed out that the ''unnecessary press intrusion'' contributed to the tragic death of Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the recent travels of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry has always been concerned about the environment and climate change. The royal last spoke on environmental issues in September's edition of the British Vogue, edited by his wife, Meghan Markle. He pointed out that we seem to be the only species on this planet that think that it belongs only to us.

Earlier this month, he wrote on social media that we were used to referring to the environmental damage as a by-product of economic growth. In his view, every footprint, every choice, and every decision we make matters for the environment. Prince Harry also revealed that Meghan and he expect to have no more than two children citing concerns for the future of our planet.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the statement the royal couple should have taken a commercial airline for their travels instead of a private jet?