Enhance Your Driving Skills with the ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge’ E-Game Launched By Giti

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Not only online gaming is beneficial to your brain, but playing fast-paced racing games increases your ability to make quick decisions as well. Players are more likely to be able to assess the information provided than non-gamers and find a solution relatively faster that is critical for safe driving on an actual road. 

Giti Tire has launched the new ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge’ e-game to mark the occasion of Giti’s participation in the 24 Hours Nürburgring Race in Germany this June. On 5th and 6th June this year, Giti Tire racecars performed phenomenally including an Audi R8. This was piloted by the Giti ‘Girls Only’ team. At the final VLN Endurance Series race of 2019, this revolutionary squad made history as the very first all-female racing team to win their category in an international event.

What ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge’ e-game is all about?

This new addictive game introduced by Giti Tire this summer can be a fun way to boost your driving skills. We’ll come to that later, but first, let’s take a look at what this game is all about. Giti has designed this exciting yet simple game for people of all skills and gaming backgrounds. This means not only you can access this e-game from anywhere in the world, but it can also be enjoyed by people of all ages and gaming skills. 

Players need to avoid certain obstacles on the way while collecting coins as much as possible to successfully complete the level. There are several levels in this game with different difficulty levels. Another interesting feature of this game is that players can also get an extra life as they answer a question correctly. This makes the game not only enjoyable but also a way of getting an insight into the automobiles industry.   

The ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge’ game can be played by simply visiting Giti Enjoy Driving Challenge where you need to enter your email id as a first-time user and set a username to start playing. Available in three different languages, you can also pick the one you prefer from English, Spanish and Portuguese. Apart from the option to share your scoreboard with your friends, you can also win some amazing rewards each month by securing the top position on the leaderboard. Giti has announced to give away an Apple iPad, a set of Giti tires, and Giti prize hampers for the top players of June. These prizes will be renewed each month along with the leaderboard.  

The primary objective of this game is to spread the awareness of the Giti brand to the world. This game encourages learning as well as interaction through its tire questions. Players can also enjoy this fun game without any Covid-19 related constraints.

Know-How The ‘Enjoy Driving Challenge’ E-Game Can Boost Your Driving Skills

According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, racing games can improve a player's visuomotor skills, making them a better driver. When compared with individuals with hardly any expertise in racing games, experienced gamers were considerably more precise in staying to their track and showed less departure from the center while facing sudden challenges.

This is quite significant as driving is a cognitive workout and does not just depend on your eyes. While 20/20 vision is ideal for driving, your brain is responsible for making sense of what you see, which has an impact on the decisions you make behind the wheel. Here are some of the ways playing racing games on a regular basis can improve your brain functions.

  • Increases Your Ability To Perceive Information

The rate at which you acquire, analyze, and respond to information is referred to as processing speed. For example, if you notice a motorist moving into your lane without indicating, you can easily recognize that they're about to strike you and safely but immediately change lanes to avoid a collision.

  • Enables Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing racing games regularly can actually improve the coordination between your movements and sight. As fast-paced racing games require multitasking of keeping an eye on the road and control the car at the same time, players are more likely to develop better hand-eye coordination over time.

  • Better Ability To Analyse The Road

Racing games will eventually increase your focus which in turn helps in improving the ability to track objects on the way. While driving, it essential to notice other vehicles, signage or obstacles on the way to avoid a probable collision. A better tracking ability lets you spot any other objects easily without moving your gaze from the road.

If we consider the brain to be a muscle, video games may be used as part of a workout routine to help us develop and shape it for maximum effectiveness. And car racing games have surely been proven to improve your brain "muscles" by recent studies.