Enrique Guzmán will seek to clean his image of accusations of Frida Sofía with a legal process in the US

source: .ruetir.com

"I am not a degenerate": Enrique Guzmán will seek to clean his image of accusations of Frida Sofía with a legal process in the US.

This new scandal could be defined legally, and it is that Frida Sofía's father has also been advised to find the truth.

The Guzmán Pinal family faces one of the most rugged scandals in its history and could escalate into the legal arena. After Frida Sofía publicly accused Enrique Guzmán of alleged sexual abuse, both parties are already analyzing taking action before the United States and Mexico courts, respectively.

The rocker and his granddaughter are on the verge of a great conflict that could be settled before the authorities to define responsibilities, but with Alejandra Guzmán in the middle of the whole case.

Guzmán told TV Notes that he would close ranks with his daughter's lawyers, with which the legal fight will take place in the United States, where Frida Sofía resides.

"I will go to the last consequences. All the information is already in the hands of a lawyer in the United States because we will proceed right there. In fact, I just received a letter from Alejandra's lawyer, where she asked me not to give any more statements in this regard so as not to affect the process," he commented to the Mexican publication.

Enrique Guzmán said that they began this process to clean up their image: "She (Alejandra Guzmán) offered me the support of her lawyers because this is not fair, it is not correct, they have hurt me a lot and we have to complain. I am not a degenerate, I have never been, and I do not want this stigma to remain".

The singer's spirit was diminished since his granddaughter accused him of sexual abuse last week. In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, he maintained that he was improperly touched since the age of five by his grandfather.

"Bad, all this has me very bad ... I'm taking the shit *! What can I say? I would like to get under a stone and not come out for some time, although I do not deserve it, "concluded the rocker.

But Frida Sofía will not remain silent since her father, Pablo Moctezuma, is also considering undertaking a legal process. The businessman sought the deputy Sergio Mayer to learn more about Mexican laws and in which they could take refuge when the time comes.

"I learned that Pablo had a question on the issue of prescriptions, and I sent him what we approved in the Chamber of Deputies, that initiative in which the statute of limitations is extended on issues of abuse of minors ... it is already extended the deadline, and then the victims have every right to go and file a complaint because it does not prescribe," he said about the scandal in the Guzmán Pinal family.

"They will decide if yes. If not, if they make the complaint, I can not get involved and not tell them who I believe or not because that seems very delicate," he said.

Although Alejandra Guzmán has shown her unconditional support for Enrique Guzmán, the magazine TV Notes pointed out in its edition this Tuesday that it is affected and even reacted aggressively after the situation.

"Even though Alejandra tried to calm down, as soon as she saw her dad, blinded by anger and fury, she began to complain and went on top of him, pulled him by the shirt, almost got him mad *; She even started hitting herself on the head, until Luis Enrique stopped her if not, I don't know how it would all have ended," revealed a source close to the family of singers.

According to this same person, Alejandra intended to support Frida Sofía in the case against Enrique Guzmán. Still, finally, she closed ranks with her father because she was manipulated by her brother to look like a united family in this new scandal.