ER Nurse w/ Songwriter Side Hustle Releases "Snake Oil"

Mike Uses Music Mental Health to Help Combat COVID Blues and Wants to Share Locally and Globally

source: Mike Jones

“Snake Oil” by THE MIKE JONES BAND released on 2/24/2021. Mike is currently a local DC/Leesburg ER nurse, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who pursued his passion for music during the pandemic+writes, produces and records his own music, appealing to several audiences, ranging from acoustic-folksy-Americana to simple roots-rock music that leaves listeners with “that song they can’t get out of their heads.” "Snake Oil" is a shuffle-like-2 step number that tells the tale of a snake oil salesman bilking people out of their money for the false promise of wealth and security. The instruments featured on this track are guitar, bass guitar, brush snare and other percussion.  

Mike says, “Oftentimes in life, we are faced with chasing pipe dreams and believing false promises. Every time we buy a lotto ticket or invest in a product that promises something outlandish like everlasting life, we still fall for it. None of us are immune to the illusion that we can just purchase an easy solution to life’s problems. Safety and security are a person’s ultimate goal.” 

The song is interesting because the definition as such is interpreted differently by each person. People look to the snake oil salesman for the solution and want to be scammed, thinking there is a small, miniscule chance that using the salesman’s wares will bring them to bear the fortune. The American Dream is the ultimate representation of snake oil in the song. The song ends clearly and abruptly with the message to stop selling poison and stop buying it. Keep it real, age with grace and appreciate what you have. The simple instrumentation makes the listener feel like they are in a saloon and playing cards with someone with a city for a middle name.

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Mike Jones is an American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Leesburg, Virginia. With a roots-rock/Americana focus, Mike Jones plays an eclectic mix of blues, folk, and rock music and is known for his unique guitar-playing, vocals and live performances. He has shared the stage with many artists including Urge Overkill, Yngwie Malmsteen, The Answer, Reignwolf, Hoots and Hellmouth, Taddy Porter, American Bang, The Parlor Mob, Matt Mays and El Torpedo, The London Souls, and many more. Jones has appeared at The State Theatre, The Fillmore East, DC9, The Velvet Lounge, The Rock & Roll Hotel, Kenny’s Castaways (NYC), as well as the Tally Ho Theater, to name a few. Mike Jones is always making music, tapping on something, singing a melody, or strumming a guitar. Notable influences include Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Ben Harper, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Tyler Childers, and Colter Wall. Lately, Jones is focused on writing and recording a debut collection of songs.