Ethan Lindenberger, The Teen Who Went Against His Mother, Jill Wheeler, And Got Vaccinated Will Become An Advocate

Ethan Lindenberger is ready to become a powerful for vaccines after growing up in a household where his mother was pushing anti-vaccination ideas.

source: Insider

Ethan Lindenberger

This week, the teenager from Norwalk, Ohio, took to Twitter where he posted a brief video making a new announcement -- he wants his voice to be better heard and will, therefore, be testifying in front of a Senate committee.

Lindenberger and his siblings, who were raised by Jill Wheeler, an anti-vaxxer, said in the clip that he will share his story with the world when he speaks on Tuesday at the Senate Health Committee.

The young man said he plans to address important matters such as: "preventable diseases, spreading and outbreaks of preventable diseases, as well as addressing misinformation that causes these outbreaks."

Mr. Lindenberger went on to say: "I'll be testifying along with the likes of people such as [John] Wiesman, who is the secretary of Health for Washington [state]."  

As stated before, in early February, Lindenberger noted in an interview with NPR that after sharing concrete facts with his mother about vaccinations, he decided to take action.

He received shots against measles, chickenpox, rubella, mumps, and hepatitis for the first time in his life.

He confessed at the time: "When I started looking into it myself, it became very apparent that there was a lot more evidence in defense of vaccinations, in their favor." 

Lindenberger went on to say that his research was not able to turn Wheeler from her anti-vaccine beliefs.

When he tried to debunk some of her inaccurate theories on vaccines: "Her response was simply 'that's what they want you to think,' I was just blown away that you know, the largest health organization in the entire world would be written off with a kind of conspiracy theory-like statement like that."

He also shared: "My mom had always known I disagreed with her and figured that was going to pass, but it didn't. She looked at it as me getting vaccines for a gesture of rebellion and not for my own sake and for the sake of people around me."

 Lindenberger opted to get vaccinated after it was confirmed that there are measles outbreaks in 10 states.