Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin's priority project is in Argentina: proof of humanity.


Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin's priority project is in Argentina: proof of humanity.

PoH is an identity validation system that associates Ethereum addresses with real humans.

The crypto community is having a historic moment with Ethereum creator Vitalik Batrain's visit to Argentina. The Russian-Canadian arrived in Buenos Aires, and since then, the activity has not stopped. He is a kind of rock (or maybe football) star.

Buterin is a crypto idol. It is the benchmark of a technology that not only has a cryptocurrency such as ether (ETH, the second most crucial crypto active in the world, after Bitcoin) It also allows for the creation of projects through open source platforms (with smart contracts or smart contracts) that are the most diverse.

He gave a talk in the auditorium of La Usina del Arte in the La Boca neighborhood. In front of a vibrant audience (the tickets for this event were sold out 10 minutes after being published on the internet), the programmer (despite his shy posture) was cheerful, even funny, and rambling.

During the meeting, he highlighted his interest in Ethereum-based projects that create value at a global level. He mentioned Kleros (a decentralized applications protocol). He underscored the proof to Humanity (PoH) project by Argentine programmer Santiago Siri, one of the hosts during the meeting (along with journalist Olivia Goldschmidt).

This is not the first time he has mentioned it. Yet, a few days ago, during a meeting with business people and the crypto community, he pointed out that PoH is their preferred global Ethereum project.

PoH is an identity verification system that connects Ethereum addresses to authentic, unique and irreplaceable humans in the digital world. For the registration, you have to complete data, be within the Ethereum network, use a wallet like Metamask (and ETH in it), and make a video with a sign of the Ethereum address that has to be validated by the community itself. PoH.

This process can be quick or take a few days. People who complete this registration and are validated receive a universal basic income through the UBI (Universal Basic Income) token, announced long ago by Democracy Earth.

Buterin's support for PoH is not surprising anyway, as he has his identity validated there. Also, in October of this year, the price of the UBI token rose in value (from $ 0.04 to $ 1.39) thanks to the creator of Ethereum. Buterin had bought 1.87 million units of UBI for a total of 50 ETH. He burned them (that is, those units are no longer in the system) and thus increased their value.

"Proof of Humanity is one of those things that are important. I think it's one of the necessary pieces of infrastructure that can make Ethereum a more inclusive place. One of the most significant benefits is that, in the long run, it gives people the ability to get a little bit of crypto every month, just by having a profile, "Buterin noted.

Once the identities are validated, each UBI is automatically issued by each verified human. This is how it is programmed in the logic of the smart contract of this development, compatible with PoH. UBI is the first token on Ethereum to stream (distribute funds) to wallets in real-time. Beneficiaries receive their UBI in a compatible wallet such as Metamask.

"All this makes blockchain applications more accessible, even when it is little money, that you do not have enough for medical coverage; for example, it is safe to send some transactions and have that in your wallet," said Buterin.

For his part, Santiago Siri, an Argentine entrepreneur, and programmer (who has lived outside the country for seven years) told Infobae. "Argentina, with its inflation, with its economic dramas, with its challenges, did generate today one of the most crypto-friendly cities. 

Vitalik himself looks very surprised during his stay in Buenos Aires. He has commented on me many times. He found himself worthy of McGuire's enjoyment of popularity. He can't walk without stopping for a selfie or a salute. "

And he added: And that's part of who we are as Argentina. Apart from being influential, the economic reality of our country has made us one of the first nations in the world to take this technology very seriously. This is noticeable among our software developers, and it is becoming increasingly apparent to consumers. Vitalik's visit has been very generous He goes all over the world, he's a digital gypsy, he does it. He wanted to come to Argentina and was surprised. "