Evan Peters to star Jeffrey Dahmer in biopic produced by Ryan Murphy

source: nme.com

Evan Peters to star Jeffrey Dahmer in biopic produced by Ryan Murphy

Deadline reports from producer Ryan Murphy the biopic series will be coming to Netflix, alongside his longtime partner Ian Brennan.

Ryan Murphy has opened his Actors Guidebook and has chosen Ivan Peters to lead his new limited series Monster, which is not a celebration of the 1994 R.E.M. Examining the album rather than serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Ryan Murphy's has found its lead actor for his next production. In Monster, Evan Peters will play Jeffrey Dahmer's role: a miniseries to be released on Netflix. 

According to Deadline, we will report the grim story of the Milwaukee Cannibal from the viewpoint of the serial killer's victims. The series also aims to talk about Wisconsin officials who "have had at least ten chances to catch Jeffrey Dummer, but let him go.

Ryan Murphy's one favorite actor is Evan Peters. He is one of the recurring members of the American Horror Story series. In the cinema, the actor has appeared in several X-Men sections ( Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, and Dark Phoenix ) or Deadpool 2 and independent productions, such as American Animals. It is also not the first time the actor plays a killer for Ryan Murphy since he played Charles Manson in season 7 of American Horror Story.

Cannibalism, necrophilia, and memories

The ten-part series will retrace the serial killer's chaotic childhood, then the 13 years in which he killed men without being worried. His first known crime was Steven Hicks, a 19-year-old hitchhiker, in 1978, when he was 18 years old. Jeffrey Dahmer had joined the military at his first murder as a teenager after falling into alcoholism. In 1991 he was arrested and sentenced to 17 murders, chiefly African-American men. He raped the body after killing them and before cutting them. He also tried to lobotomize some of his victims and kept "memories," like their skull or genital attributes. He also admitted to eating parts of his victims and was nicknamed the cannibal of Milwaukee, the city where he was born.

In 1994 Jeffrey Dahmer died, serving 16 life sentences, in prison killed by an inmate.