Explosive statements by Arturo Vidal against Patricio Loustau

source: pledgetimes.com

Explosive statements by Arturo Vidal against Patricio Loustau: "You need a referee who has pants and doesn't want to be the clown."

The Red player was critical of the Argentine judge's performance in his team's 1-0 defeat against Brazil.

Chile played a long and intense game but succumbed to the hierarchy of Brazil, who won the 1-0 victory and qualified for the semifinals of the Copa América 2021. At the end of the match, one of the angriest was Arturo Vidal. He charged directly against the Argentine referee Patricio Loustau. He pointed to him as one of those responsible for the defeat of La Roja.

"I'm sorry about the result; I think we earned much more. In this match, you need a referee who has pants, which is fair and does not want to be the clown, "fired the Inter Milan footballer after the fall at the Nilton Santos stadium in Rio de Janeiro. A few seconds later, he redoubled the bet. "If there is a referee who does not allow to play, who stops everything, and who thinks he is the owner of the show, it is very difficult."

However, Vidal also recognized Brazil's superiority and highlighted the dedication of his team: "We were won by a great team, a candidate, who is playing at home. We leave with our heads held high because we gave everything today. I'm sad, but now to think about what is coming and to improve".

During the match, Loustau disallowed a goal against Chile at the request of the VAR. There were 16 minutes of the second half, and Brazil was already winning 1-0. At the start of a free-kick, Eduardo Vargas scored. Still, his goal was disallowed by a previous advanced position of the player who dropped the ball to the Atlético Mineiro footballer. In total, the Argentine judge showed four yellow cards and one red to the Brazilian Gabriel Jesús for a brutal iron that hit Eugenio Mena's chest and face. One of those reprimands was for Vidal - three minutes to go - and the player was face to face with the judge.

"We are here to fight the Eliminatory. If we play like Today, if we have a little more time to work, the team will return to its intensity. We hope to qualify for the World Cup, I know it will be difficult, but it can be done", analyzed Vidal, adding: "Today, with a little more rest, it would have been another game. However, the intensity was shown, the game we want. We are leaving sad because it was lost, but we left everything, and that's the important thing.

The former Barcelona considered that the Uruguayan team Martín Lasarte only lacked "the goal" and "define the game." "We know we have to improve; we have to score goals. Alexis injured us; the important thing is to get him back. Unfortunately, we lost against candidate number one, "he said.

Finally, he spoke of his moment: "I feel much better; at the beginning, it was difficult, especially the first four games because I had not played for three months. However, after the Covid occurred to me, I'm fine, Today I felt quite happy, and I hope to continue growing. Now to rest, next season I hope to be better than the one that happened".