Extraterrestrials Blamed For Eerie Blue Light Over New York City—Was It A Precursor To An Invasion?

source: The Verge

On Thursday night, the residents of the Astoria neighborhood in Queens, New York pretty much got the scare of their lives, in an event that brought to mind “beam me up, Scotty.”  Reports indicate that the residents were both shocked and amazed by a sudden eerie blue light that blanketed the night sky.

Multiple reports came in from individuals who stated they heard a loud boom, that was then followed by rapid flashes of light.  The flashes of light changed color, starting as a white, followed by a yellow and ending with the eerie blue.  Factor in the low hanging clouds over New York at the time, and you can imagine what a somewhat unnerving scene it quickly became. 

Many of those who witnessed the event compared it to the film Ghostbusters, whereas others related the event as being reminiscent of most alien movies.  New York’s Police Department took to Twitter, shortly after the reports of the eerie occurrences started coming in:

“Confirming incident in Astoria was the result of a transformer explosion.  No injuries, no fires, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.”

Although the tweet was intended to assure residents that there was no imminent danger, one person brought up the point “Transformers are extraterrestrials.  Just saying.”

Con-Ed released a comment on Friday, that explained the incident involved a sustained arc flash, that then produced the eerie light that was seen rapidly flash through the night sky for miles.  The electric company went on to state that the flash was indeed caused by an electrical fault at their Astoria East substation.

In a city that is said to never sleep, residents took to photographing the event from the rooftops, bridges, and ferries, all in an effort to capture and immortalize what many thought could very well be an extraterrestrial event.  Many have speculated that those Astorians who chose to go outdoors, to take the photographs, may very well now be sporting some brand new superhero powers.  We wouldn’t go so far as to say that, but one would still wonder if there may be lingering effects, healthwise, from the incident. 

Reports state that LaGuardia airport was also affected, as they experienced a power outage and had to switch over to backup power as a result.  However brief the incident was, the eerie blue sky was reported to have been visible across several other boroughs of New York as well as parts of New Jersey.

Do you think there is more to the story than we are being told?