Fact check: Nike is not involved in the 'Devil's Shoes' collaboration between Lil Nass X and MSCHF.

source: usatoday.com

Claim: Nike brand to release 'Devil's Shoes' with MSCHF and artist Lil Nass X

Clothing brand MSCHF and recording artist Lil Nass X announced the limited edition "Devil's Shoes" on March 26, which was a social media field day. Shoes adorned with human blood, partially stained with pentagram and ink, celebrate the Nike Air Max '97s, Nass X's new song "Montero".

It comes amid controversy surrounding the "Montero" music video in which Nassau's character travels to hell, seduces the Devil, and steals his horns. 

In the limited edition of Nike - 666 pairs to release the Devil, a pentagram and a shoe dedicated to human blood in it," reads a widely shared meme.

Other social media users have shared posts that link the product to Nike.

Although the shoe contains a pentagram and ink-stained with a drop of human blood, Nike has repeatedly denied involvement in the shoe's design and sale.

The shoes contain pentagram and human blood.

Nass X's created the shoes in collaboration with the art collective MScHF, known for its unconventional work. According to a statement obtained by CNN, the MSCHF collected blood from members of ink's collaborative art.

Fashion brand SAINT announced on March 26 that it would sell 666 pairs of Devil's shoes for 1,018

 After the legal first name of Nass X's Montero "is named. On the day of the music video's release, Nass X tweeted a letter to his little self about the song and its sexuality - the rapper in 2019. It emerged as a homosexual.

He wrote in another tweet on March 26, "I love everyone to go to hell but be upset when I go there."

Nike was not concerned in the composition and liberation of the shoes

Gabby Whehley, CEO of MSCHF, told the Associated Press that Nike had "no involvement" in the shoe's design or release.

On March 29, Nike sued the MSCHF for trademark infringement and weakening and unfair competition. In a complaint received by a Hollywood reporter, the MSCHF alleges that Nike's shoes were physically altered without the brand's permission.

There is already meaningful data of confusion and weakness in the market, including calls to strike Nike in response to the launch of the MSCHF's Devil's Shoes.