Family Of Dayton Ohio Shooter Posts Obituary—Soon After Parents Apologize For Its Tone

source: Pixabay

Family members of the 24-year-old Connor Betts remembered him as "funny" and "articulate" in the obituary they published for him.  Earlier this month, Betts open fire into a crowd outside an Ohio bar, leaving nine people dead.  The family neglected to mention the crime he committed or even that one of the victims of his shooting spree was his sister.

The obituary for Betts states he was formerly employed at Chipotle as a grill cook, as well as attending Sinclair Community College.  It went on to describe him as an “intelligent man with striking blue eyes and a kind smile.”  According to the “tribute” Betts also became an “avid reader” as a very early age.

The page the obituary appeared on went on to say that Betts "passed away Sunday, August 4th, 2019."  It failed to mention or make a note of the fact that, while gunning down a crowd of innocent people, Betts himself was gunned down by local law enforcement.

The obituary chose to ignore and omit this crucial information, preferring to centralize on Betts love for "music of all different kinds, especially electronic dance music," as well as several of his favorite past times including "reading on his Kindle, playing his Xbox, and watching his favorite show, Bob Burger's."

As for the eulogy given for Betts, it said that he was "preceded in death by his beloved Nana and survived by his parents," as well as a list of several other family members.  Again, Betts 22-year-old sister, Megan Betts, was not mentioned in the eulogy.

However, an obituary was seen to have been posted on the same website, yet entirely separate from the shooters.  The younger Betts family member was remembered in her obituary as a "loving, intelligent and bright young woman who had hoped to work for NASA," before her life was cut short by her brother.  

The obituary went on to say that Megan was known as a loving, caring, and supportive friend.  She was remembered as always being ready to help those who needed it and to do anything necessary to make others lives better.

The obituary ended with how the family would always remember the sound of her laughter, the beauty of her smile, and the kindness of her heart.  In the same fashion, there was no mention or reference to Connor Betts on Megan's page.

Although Betts motives for his shooting rampage remain unclear, police authorities are working on the premise that Betts shooting and killing his sister was not a random act.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Was the shooting of his sister a random act?  Or was there more to it than we will ever know?