Famous Celebrity Still Donating To Charities After His Death—How Is This Possible?

source: The Telegraph

Musician and fan loved favorite George Michael passed away a little over two years ago, this past Christmas, yet he is still making charitable donations to this very day. 

A Los Angeles based AIDS charity as well as the NSPCC’s Childline charities have both confirmed that they did indeed receive yet another very generous donation from the George Michael estate.  The representative for the NSPCC Childline charity stated the donation was received from out of the blue but was much appreciated and will be put to good work.

Another charity, an American project named Angel Food, has been a steady recipient of donations by the musician ever since he first started donating to the charity back in 1993.  A spokesman for the charity stated that they are able to continue their work each year, due to the generosity that Michael has continually shown them.  He adds that in addition, each and every year they are able to continue to help those who are truly in need.

With the word of continual charitable donations, many are wondering if his death was a hoax and if not how is this even possible?  Add to the mystery the fact that he still doesn’t have a headstone marking his gravesite and you can see why many are confused and perplexed.

The news of the continued donations came to light when it was once again mentioned in the Daily Star Sunday that Michael still had no gravestone to mark his gravesite.  Adding the fact that fans have continually criticized that there has been no memorial for the singer since his death and that his numerous charitable deeds were not brought to light until his death. 

Many have attributed the lack of a memorial, and a gravestone, to the fact that Michael was a very private person when alive, and as such was suspected to not want anything grandiose after his death as well.  However, given all this, many still believe his grave needs some sort of marking out of respect for the singer if nothing else.

When George Michael passed, he was buried next to his mother.  The only marking of his grave is a grey stone cross, surrounded by white flower blossoms.  While no one can give a definitive answer to the question of a gravestone still not marking the well-loved singer’s burial plot, one can almost assume that the continued charitable donations were arranged by his estate, in his will.  Michael was a very charitable individual while living, so it is no surprise he has continued to be from the grave.

Did George Michael leave stipulations for charitable donations in his will?