Fast food to go. Healthy eating: what to do and Another important question is what brings food to bus trips.

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In recent years, the popularity of bus transportation has steadily increased.

Bus routes compete with railways between cities and at international destinations.

For example, it is a very popular bus tour for those who want to get to know Europe. You have the opportunity to visit several countries with him for a limited time and at an affordable price.

During the trip, travelers can spend more than one day. Also, there should be stops on all routes, but most roads are in motion.

When you go on a trip, it is very important to bring things and gadgets that can brighten up your free time.

Another important question is what brings food to bus trips.

Tourists on the bus are expected to eat real hot food while the bus is stopped. Bringing food home is to cure hunger between stops or simply to organize and enjoy light meals.

The product must not be perishable. All brought items must be shipped on board. In temperature conditions, products with strict storage conditions cannot be used.

The food you eat should not give off a pungent odor. Bus-Public transport, each passenger has the right to certain comforts. The pungent odor not only causes discomfort, it can also cause suffocation in allergic patients.

It is worth choosing a product. Then reduce waste (waste, cleaning) as much as possible.

Number of products on the bus

Each person decides how much to consume this or the product based on their appetite.

Rule of thumb: consider the scheduled time to fly the bus. If you need to spend the day on the road, the amount of food will be greater than on a night flight.

What's going on?

•walnuts. On the streets, previously peeled walnuts and pumpkin seeds are suitable.

•             Dried fruit. Choose an option that does not create excess gas in your intestines. Raisins and dates are good. Be careful with dried apricots and prunes.

• Cookie guarantee. Sugar-free, lightly crushed cookies are an ideal travel option.

• Cream cheese is an excellent additive for the liver.

• Fruit or cereal bar.

• Bread. It can be used to make sandwiches.

• Sausage: This product is controversial due to its unique smell. However, if sausage-free sandwiches are unacceptable, you should bring a raw and dry smoked variety.

By the way, it is better to choose apples with green skin that reduce the chances of gas in the intestines.

Among the vegetables, cucumbers and carrots are preferred. In addition to saturating the body, they are a source of water.

About the fluid

You should bring water regularly when you go on a bus trip.

Carbonated drinks with juice and sugar will quench your thirst when you drink them. However, after a while, my thirst becomes even stronger.

An additional negative aspect of carbonated beverages is their ability to cause an upset stomach.

About hot drinks

It is not safe to have a hot drink while traveling by bus.

Wait until it stops or use special glasses to avoid spillage.

Before driving, it is necessary to clarify whether the bus is equipped with a water heater. This is, in principle, an international address.

If the bathroom has hot water and heating, tourists need to get tea leaves, coffee, sugar and cups.

Otherwise, you can make hot water or tea and take a thermos with you.

 Special attention

If people with health problems or passengers with young children take a bus tour, baby food and special food suitable for road conditions should be added to the main products.

If you are going to go on a long trip, you should consider not only the travel menu, but also a list of what you need, medicines and documents. He advises that light meals are harmless as he is hungry on the go. What is the food on the way?

What to do on a trip with food

Eating on the street is usually unpleasant. Therefore, there are some requirements to eat on the street. First of all, it has a long enough storage period without a refrigerator and is not afraid of heat and sunlight. Second, it doesn't get messy, crumble, wrinkle, or smell pungent. Think not only of yourself, but also of other travelers. Finally, you have to choose the food. After that, it's easy to prepare, and most of all, there is very little cleaning or other debris left. You don't even have to cook or slice.


Sandwiches (after all, Drayman), which are advised not to abuse them in everyday life, are perfect for the road. Here you can find bread, vegetables, meats and cheese you. You can also snack without getting your hands dirty (designed for this).

There are many recipes for snacks, there is room for imagination. However, some products still need to be avoided. It is advisable to replace the boiled sausage with baked or boiled meat, as it has a longer shelf life. The spices also help extend the shelf life of the meat.