Felicity Huffman Tried A Lot To Help Her Daughter Get In College -- Will Her Career Be Affected?

American Crime actress Felicity Huffman is in a big trouble over the fake college admission case that has claimed some very wealthy people. Will she rise again?

source: Hello Magazine

A fake college admission case has claimed some big names, and many expect other major players to fall. It was an elaborate scheme in order to get the children to their desired colleges.

According to recent reports,

It was quite difficult for her to get her older daughter into college, and she tried her best to make that happen. However, she might have gone a little overboard with her actions, causing more harm than good in the long run.

This is not the first time observers are hearing of her possible academic aspirations for her daughter, as a few years ago she announced that she was going around colleges together with her 17-year-old daughter.

It appears that she did not have an honest approach on her mind at that time though, as it was revealed that she was trying to get her daughter’s SAT score boosted illegally by colluding with a person involved in one of the colleges they were considering.

The person in question, William Singer, has recently been charged with racketeering and other related criminal acts, although he has reportedly been fully cooperating with authorities on the case and has provided them with a lot of valuable information.

Some of the details he has revealed so far could be used against Huffman if current reports are to be believed. 

It is not clear how this might affect her life in the future, although some are speculating that she might have to face some serious legal repercussions if some of the details were examined more closely by investigators and turned out to be true. 

It is not clear how things will evolve for Huffman and if the case will affect her career.

Do you think Huffman was right or wrong to participate in that scheme? Is Huffman's career getting caught in this?