Film Premiere for Kinyumba Mutakabbir Releases May 25th

Signifying One Year After Riots and George Floyd Death- Black Communities Need to Come Together

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This Hollywood leading man with over 30 film and television credits, Kinyumba Mutakabbir, (has worked with Queen Latifah, Robert Downey Jr, Vivica Fox) is releasing a 10-minute short film documentary on the one-year anniversary of Floyd's death. Nguvu Kwa Watu, or Power to the People, is a film about the riots, the lack of progress, and strides the community must make. Kinyumba Mutakabbir is a QIGONG Master and CEO of Moments of AlignmentHe says, "The world is dealing with pain and we have to work together to avoid self destruction. I teach how to become in tune with the alignment of body, mind, and spirit. See another person as not combative, but Rather through a lens of love and support to work together as a city and as a race."For more information, please visit information on the online film premiere here:

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Kinyumba Mutakabbir's star is on the rise and he is continuing to make his mark in Hollywood. He currently stars in FOXs television series STAR. The hour-long drama, executive produced, written, and directed by Lee Danies, is set in Atlanta, GA and covers the rise to stardom of Calotta (Emmy, Grammy, and Tony winner Queen Latifah) and three orphan singers who she manages and eventually fosters. Mutakabbir plays the love interest of Carlotta and the ultimate benefactor of groups music career. Mutakabbir has starred in other prime time films including Coins For Christmas along side Essence Atkins (Marlon, A Haunted House), Slammed with Patricia De Leon(Bad Ass, A-X-L), and the face of both of Ben Rasmey's (The Big Hit, Dragonball Z Revolutions) written and directed films Black Salt and Interface. Both Black Salt and Interface were Urban Action Showcase winners and featured on all of HBO's streaming platforms. He also starred in a Cinemax series, Zane's The Jumpoff, written by New York Times bestselling author Zane. His additional TV credits include appearances on major shows such as The Catch, Angie Tribecca, Bold and The Beautiful, The Haunted Hathaways, and Dark Blue, among others. His production company, Kinsmen Studios, specializes in action, drama, and Sci-fi content spanning digital, television, and feature films. The company is in development for a film he penned: Code 3. This film is a dramatic thriller with its roots in Sci Fi as the twist at the end rivals "The Sixth Sense" introducing empathy in a way never before introduced in cinema. His charitable work includes time with the grassroots organization The Awareness Movement in Los Angeles. The organization focuses on creating content in order to facilitate a positive dialogue between local communities and law enforcement as well as giving a voice to disenfranchised voters in urban communities. He also volunteers with several schools throughout Los Angeles, providing scene study classes with a focus on African American classic playwrights. Mutakabbir is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and a protege of the Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles, CA, where he resides.