First Step to Combat Gun Violence? Improve Your Rhetoric, Andrew Yang Says

source: Pixabay

The Democratic presidential candidate and an entrepreneur, Andrew Yang, has introduced a new plan to combat gun violence and white nationalism.

In Yang's view, gun violence is a symptom of many underlying issues. As a parent of two boys, Yang suggested that we should all stand together and recognize the causes of gun violence to tackle them better.

According to Yang, the first step is to stop using discriminating and dehumanizing language to describe others. It applies to everyone, not only for the government, Yang highlighted, citing what he called President Trump's offensive political rhetoric.

In addition to that, Yang would also set up a centralized website to gather statistics on white nationalism. Furthermore, if elected, Yang plans to increase the budget for fighting domestic terrorism. Also, he would support nonprofit organizations helping people to disengage from white supremacists groups.

Apart from improving the political and everyday rhetoric, the Yang's plan also highlights the importance of conducting gun control reforms, including background checks. In his opinion, we should also minimize the influence of the lobbyists in the firearm industry.

Earlier this week, one of the Yang's rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, Pete Buttigieg, also introduced his plan to tackle domestic terrorism. 

Buttigieg went a bit further in his proposals, saying that the government should invest USD 1 billion to ensure that the law enforcement across all the agencies and departments have enough means to tackle the growing wave of white nationalist violence.

The Navy veteran Buttiegieg also suggested to a massive online ''name and shame'' campaign to tackle white nationalists online and to ban extremist content on the web. According to some people, the idea could further complicate the relationships between Washington and Silicon Valley as it could be interpreted as state interference in private business.

Among the other measures he proposes are the mandatory background checks for everyone who wants to acquire a gun. Furthermore, Buttigieg is in favor of the establishment of a nationwide gun licensing system and the resume of federal funding for gun violence-related research.

Pope Francis also joined the discussion about the widespread white nationalism worldwide on Friday. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, the head of the Catholic church pointed out that the recent political rhetoric had reminded him of Adolph Hitler in 1934.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose the statement of Yang that the first step to combat gun violence and white nationalism is to improve our rhetoric?