Five dead, two of them policemen, after a new shooting in the United States.


The events took place in North Carolina and lasted for more than twelve hours after the shooter barricaded himself in a house and shot security forces from there before being killed.

Five people were killed in the United States, including two police officers and the shooter, in a fatal shooting, the Watauga County, North Carolina sheriff's office said Thursday.

Two agents were dispatched Wednesday morning to a house near Boone, whose occupants had not shown up for work and were not answering the phone. It was explained in a statement sent to the AFP agency.

After noticing that there were several vehicles, the officers entered the house, where they were shot.

The reinforcements managed to rescue one of the agents, Chris Ward, who was evacuated by helicopter but nevertheless died in hospital. His colleague, Logan Fox, passed away at the scene.

Two policemen and a gendarme were attacked while attempting to get to his aid. One of them was shot but his team protected him. He explained in detail in the sheriff's office.

The attacker continued shooting at the police at times, requiring the presence of 15 officers and taking 13 hours to control the situation. The residents of the area had to be evacuated or remain in their homes.

The statement said that the person who killed two policemen is also suspected to have killed two civilians in the house. Sheriff Lane Hagaman told the local WSOC network that the attacker had died and that the other two victims were his mother and stepfather.

In the United States, where firearms are rife and controversial due to numerous mass shootings, an average of 50 police officers is killed each year on duty.

According to CNN, based on data from the NGO Gun Violence Archive, at least 148 mass shootings have taken place in the United States in 2021. The network considers a mass shooting to be such if four or more people are shot, wounded, or killed, not counting the shooter. The same criterion is used by the aforementioned NGO.

The last episode of similar magnitude occurred on April 15 in the city of Indianapolis, when eight people were killed and multiple others were injured after a former FedEx employee opened fire at a company premises before committing suicide.

Four of the fatalities were adherents of the Sikh religion from South Asia, a Sikh organization confirmed, raising questions about whether the attacker was racially or ethnically motivated.

President Joe Biden announced on April 8 half a dozen executive orders with which he seeks to address a proliferation of armed violence that he called an "international epidemic and shame. "

He also called on lawmakers to pass tougher measures in his message to the plenary session of Congress last Wednesday: "I don't want to be confrontational, but we need more Republicans in the Senate to join the overwhelming majority of their Democratic colleagues to close loopholes and require background checks to buy weapons, "he said.

In turn, the president requested the prohibition of the purchase by civilians of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines along these lines. "Don't tell me it can't be done. We did it in the past, and it worked," he said, referring to a 10-year ban passed in 1994 during Bill Clinton's first term.