Five yoga poses to do in bed to fall asleep quickly.


Chase away the body's tensions, evacuate negative emotions, calm the mind, lower the heart rate. These yoga postures to do in bed to fall asleep quickly will do you the greatest good.

Twist to relieve tension in the back, inversion posture to stimulate blood circulation and reduce heavy legs at the end of the day, opening the heart to welcome and balance positive and negative emotions before sleeping—these yoga postures effectively improve the quality of our sleep.

The posture of the lying butterfly, to relieve stress

How to achieve the butterfly posture?

Lie on your back, on your bed, for example.

Bend your legs and bring your soles together.

Let your knees drop on either side of the outside.

Slightly open your arms on either side of the bust, palms facing the ceiling.

Close your eyes, and take full advantage of this moment of relaxation.

The elongated twist posture release tension in the back

How to achieve the posture of the elongated twist?

Lie on your back on your bed.

Bend the knees, bring them together and bring them back above the stomach. Your legs form a right angle.

Come and put your knees still together, on the right side, making sure to keep your shoulders glued to the ground.

Your arms are in a cross, on either side of your bust, palms of hands facing the ceiling.

Turn your head to the left, then take several breaths in this relaxation pose (ideally for several minutes).

Bring your knees above your stomach, then your feet to the ground, and do the same by changing sides (knees to the left, head to the right).

The cobra posture, to balance the emotions

How to perform the cobra pose?

Lie on your stomach, and rest your forehead on the mattress or your mat.

Spread your legs slightly, about to drop her from the hips.

With your hands resting on the floor or the mattress, at shoulder level, elbows bent, gently lift off your upper body, pushing on your arms and pelvis.

Be careful not to raise the bust too high so as not to damage the lower back.

With your bust raised, take several deep, deep breaths in your stomach, then come back down, controlling your bust on the ground.